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This One's Just For Fun Because Life Is Just Too Serious!
Posted On 11/22/2019 23:16:37 by Allen

  Yeah...that's right! I'm listening to the Red Rocker Sammy Hagar tonight...that is, after Friday Night Smackdown! Maybe I'll post a picture later on of his classic albums...and not when he was in Van Halen either?  But for right now here's a funny picture that I found of him!

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  So as I promised...here are some of Sammy Hagar's solo albums that I'm listening to tonight! If you want to know a very deep, well kept secret...I'll clue you in! The secret of staying young is letting the music engulf your soul and enjoying every fabric of it! It brings back great memories from your past and therefore enhances your healthy way of life! Believe me...it truly does work! Let the music take you! Listening to all the negative crap at work just doesn't do it for me!

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  So if you are not familar with this famous icon, then let me remind you with a video of his with one of his signature songs!  I know that many of you that resign here in NOTH land probably don't like this type of music anymore?  But let me enlighten you that the power of music is in all forms for the listener to take and do what they want with it!  So please take this as a good listen!






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11/23/2019 19:04:47

King of the road Deb!  I can get into that after all I do have Roger Miller's box set!  But of course I love a vast variety of music!  I know this might be too much for this crowd here but I got to be me!  I got to be me!  

11/23/2019 18:52:40

I like some of Sammy Hagar, & Van Halen music, but my speed was more the Doors, the Moody Blues, the Beach Boys, then ALL the Motown groups... just a few older singers, like Marty Robbins, and Roger Miller... ♪♫♪  trailer for sale or rent, rooms to let for 50 cents.. ♪♫♪

11/23/2019 15:03:44

LOL Mona...I didn't mean to scare you but I have a high tolerence level when it comes to rock music!  Believe me...there are some I actually can't stand!  The next time I post a music video...I'll take it easy on your ears!  I'll try!

11/23/2019 15:00:02

I'm not much into politics or politicians as most are depicted as crooks Momtocam!  But Bill looks like he is ready to expire?...lol  I always loved Van Halen no matter if it was with Sammy or David Lee Roth!  Thanks for telling me your tastes!

11/23/2019 12:58:44

Oh dear, I'm in the wrong crowd! I have always said that I love music, and a wide variety too, but..... after listening to your included video, I had to adjust my hearing aides, but not my list of favorite genders as listed on my NOTH page! As the saying goes, "To each their own!"

Variety is the spice of life!

11/23/2019 12:34:25

A legend indeed..Last I recall, it's very doubtful Hillary and Bill even share the same household together. Their made for each other though. Power is an element in life, but in theirs, it seemingly has been all they've lived for. Especially her. I call them Bonnie and Clyde. Thanks for sharing the info (solo work) of Sammy. Grew up listening to Van Halen..

11/23/2019 12:31:45

At work they play satellite radio and they play those songs with I'll Fall In Love Again and Can't Get Loose!  But basically they all rock and I do mean anything that Sammy sang!      Well, for now it looks like we are the only rockers on this site!  Too bad to because there's only one way to rock! 

11/23/2019 10:06:41

Yes this was the first solo album I heard by him. The radio still plays Heavy Metal and There's Only One Way To Rock. He was like 20 or 21 when he started with Montrose. The radio still plays a couple songs from that first lp.

11/23/2019 08:10:05

For me Greg when I first heard Sammy and learned about him was by buying this album!  It got heavy airplay at least 4 songs did from this classic called Standing Hampton!  From there on I learned about Montrose! Then of course he joined Van Halen but I have always liked him better solo!

Image result for sammy hagar standing hampton pictures

Image result for sammy hagar standing hampton pictures

11/23/2019 07:44:32

Love Sammy! Remember the first time you heard Sammy? For me it was when he just started out with Montrose. Who can ever forget "Rock the Nation"?

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