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Happy Thanksgiving NOTH Friends And All Others On Here!
Posted On 11/27/2019 21:40:40 by Allen

  After the snow we got today, it sure makes it look a whole lot like Christmas! Nine inches plus doesn't make Santa a man...does it?   Anyway, it's too early for this much crap! But since I'm here, I just want to wish all my NOTH friends to have a very Happy Thanksgiving! Be thankful for everything you have! Even the damn snow!  

  it took me a couple hours to blow myself out and then later as well, as the high winds blew another drift at the end of my driveway! Grrr..but that's what winter is all about...work your ass off in the snow!...lol

No photo description available.

   I hope it's good traveling tomorrow, but the next three days after Thanksgiving sound like a mixed bag...with rain/sleet/snow! Hopefully Monday will see me at work?  I had to call in today but then so did everyone else!





  I'm listening to this man tonight!  Hope you enjoy him!  Garth Brooks says he's the next thing!  


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11/29/2019 21:20:03

I got myself shoveled out Deb and so far all is well here as Thanksgiving was a good day that you could travel and celebrate with family and friends!  I hope you did as well!  The outlook in Southern Minnesota is good this time around as the Northern part of the state is suppose to get hit with 12 inches of that nasty white stuff while we are going to get a mixed bag as it's sleeting now as I'm writing this!  Who knows what we will get?  Only the good Lord knows! 

11/29/2019 21:16:35

It was awesome Greg as on Thanksgiving day it was a good travel day althought the roads were still bad but at least you could see the roads!...lol  Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving as well my friend!  

11/29/2019 10:07:56

Goodness big guy, you get some of the worse weather.  I remember the pictures of last years snows.  You sure get your exercise with all that snowing and blowing!  Please take care and watch your step as we do kinda like you around here.  Tell Mesha I said hello and hold on tight as we do not want her to disappear in the snow!

11/29/2019 05:48:41

Wow you sure got hit big time. Be careful out there. Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving my friend!

11/27/2019 22:24:25

I love homemade soup Mona...I'm wondering what kind you made?  I always forget that other's in other countries don't celebreate the same things as American's do or in this case...the same time as Canadians do!  But then again...I'm a simple man with a simple plan!...lol  I do agree with your somery to be thankful everyday...especially when you can get out of bed and accomplish something!  That's what I strive for anyway!...lol  

11/27/2019 22:08:02

My husband had the tractor out today to plow the snow in our yard. Can't let the snow accumulate in case we need to get out of our yard and up the hill. We are to have three more days before the temp will go up a bit. It's November so no complaining!!!!!  For me, it was the kind of day to make a big pot of soup... like a meal in a bowl.

We're glad that we had our Thanksgiving Day in October... but the reminder is ... Be Thankful Everyday!!!!

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