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A Love Letter To Long Lost friends!
Posted On 11/30/2019 01:41:16 by Allen

  I know you're still there!  I can feel you!  Actually, I can see you in the windows of other sites!  Sites that are none approuchable to me because I don't register as a real person!  Imagine that!  I'm as real as you can get!  Yet, I'm in this time warp that won't let me connect with you! 

  But if I don't have the power...maybe you do?  I know you can come to me, but will you?  Someone might make it a do or die situation?  Are you willing to take that chance?  What I'm getting at is am I worth the effort or will you just ignore this note to you! 

  I know you can see it in the window of this place and yes....it's a big one, open wide for all to see!  If you can see me waving at you...you know that I'm missing you...Dani, Caroline, Debs and people that I don't remember anymore because I never knew your real name...now isn't that a real shame!  You know who you are!

  So I'm trying to reach out here and maybe you might realize that I'm worth some effort for you to come over here and be my friend again?  I mean we are friends already but I want us to be able to communicate again!  I think we need to do a mind melt and maybe you'll hear this message?  Calling occupants of people surfing the net!





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12/03/2019 11:29:27

all I know about the other side is they will delete your account without notice, and if you make a new account, the gremlins get behind the scenes and watch your computer's IP address, and remove any new page you make..it's really strange that some people are so threatened by other social sites the members belong to, they would remove your account then ban you from their site... must be narcissistic  and/or really insecure people!

12/01/2019 14:58:16

Hi Cheryl...always glad to hear from you!  I have always loved that tune by the Carpenters so I thought I'd use it here for all to enjoy!  Hope you had a great holiday week!

12/01/2019 09:43:16

Very Clever Choice of Tune !

Hope your Wish Comes True



12/01/2019 08:17:44

I had told Debs you were here. I don't know if she will come over here. I think Caroline is still at Blogster but I never go there anymore so I'm not sure. I never visit sites unless I sign in. I've always known you could. Dani I never knew so I can't help you there. I'm sure the evil B's are reading your post. They have no power here.

11/30/2019 21:37:37

Right now I'm sure the evil people from that site are reading what I wrote and you know what...I'm glad!  Kiss my grits!

11/30/2019 21:08:40

It's just something I thought I'd try GerriB...people that are in the know ....know what I mean!  Not saying that you don't know nothing...just saying that you do! 

11/30/2019 05:56:16

Hmmm, kinda got lost here, Allen..........better make another pot of coffee cause some days I don't seem to get enough caffeine....LOL

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