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Black Friday sales
Posted On 11/30/2019 09:33:35 by Altara33606

I have friends who just love the 'black friday' sales. I was never one of those!  In the first place, I'm just not a morning person, lol; I'd much rather sleep than get up at 4am to go shopping. Those friends just loved the 'freebies' that the major department stores gave out to the first customers: things like tiny water globes, etc.  They would be 'out' at 5am, looking for bargains.  Not me, lol.  Now, that was when they were 'younger'; they are now in their 50's and I don't think they do it any more. Well, I do know one neighbor still does.  I'm not sure if the 'big' department stores still give out 'freebies'; in fact, in our closest mall, I think there is only one of those stores left. 

This year, my daughter had talked me into looking at laptops at the Black Friday sales; luckily for me, I found an even better deal before that--so I didn't have to  bother with it.  Yes, I had 'looked' at the 'sneak peek' sale brochure & found exactly what I  wanted in a laptop; but looking at the regular site of that store, I found a different model with the exact same set up--with an 'instant savings'.  So I got that and didn't even think about the Black Friday sale after all. 


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12/01/2019 08:19:40

I'm with you, not worth it to me to get up that early and stand in line lol.

11/30/2019 12:21:29

I'm so glad to have read your 'take' on Black Friday. We were first introduced to the concept when visiting our daughter who lives "south of the border"! Of course, Canada wasn't far behind and is now flogging Black Friday here too. No thank you... from me!

I don't go to a shopping mall any more than I have to (which is almost never). I can't think of anything that we need... perhaps a bit of a list of what I want/would like but even that list is becoming much shorter. As long as my computer works, the coffee maker is plugged in, and my stove and fridge work, I'm happy. Oh... and when any needed repairs are done by my best friend who has put up with me for almost 60 years, I'm happy and in love!!!

BTW... I am a 'bargain hunter', as noted on my NOTH page.

11/30/2019 09:57:39

Ironically, we bought a new recliner yesterday. Though it did not entail standing in lines or darkness. We had visited this furniture store a week ago yesterday. Had only shopped one other competitor the week prior. We headed down there around noon to complete the sale. On our way home, we witnessed the traffic all around us. I'm sure by 4 am, it was even worse traffic.  I, like you, am not a morning person either. I watch out for those sales and headlines too, which is how we discovered this 73 year business 9 miles West. We shop around pay dates, not Black Friday. Though the timing of this purchase was right on time. As I sit here typing this, (in my new recliner), I am once again reading the news blogs of yesterday's massive shoppers who were probably gulping coffee non stop; in order to deck the halls and trying  not to be stampeded. Let the frantic season begin...I will be inside my home shopping online and shaking my head at those who are chasing a sale elsewhere.

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