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Christmas Decorations
Posted On 12/04/2019 10:41:10 by Altara3

As I just said, what a difference a year makes! Last year, we pretty much skipped Christmas due to my illness. And I was waiting to have a heart procedure.  I certainly didn't feel up to doing any decorating. Well, my husband set a small pre-lit tree in the living room--but only added some 'tinsel'. Luckily, it was 'flocked' and really didn't need 'extras'.   

This year is completely different! I helped my husband decorate the living room tree--the 7 ft one.  As is his 'normal', he had already added lights to the outside; inside, he put up some 'icicle lights' around the hall closet mirrored doors, added a strand of colored lights around the bar area, & even put the strand of 'lighted bells' on the top of the hutch!   So the living room is done. 

I always put at least one tree here in my computer/tv room since I spend so much time in here!  This year, I put up the 4.5 ft 'flocked' tree in here. Since I'm in a decorating mood, I added plenty of small ornaments, which includes a set of 4 tiny glass snowmen with our names on them. (I think my kids look to see if I'm still using those!)

Then...I really wanted a 'small' tree here on my desk. But the 2 ft one had deteriorated so much, after many years, that we had pitched it.  So..a friend told us they'd gotten a cute 3 ft tree at WalMart--so we ended up getting the same model.  It's sitting here, on the right side of my desk. It's pre-lit, but I love lights: so I added a strand of programmable blinking lights--and that's perfect.   I had forgotten those were in the bottom of the box--& had already added lights to the other tree when I found them! So I was  determined to use them.  I added the tiny ornaments that are just right for a small tree & then my 'special' ornaments: a couple from pen pals & some tiny glass angels. So, no matter where I am in this room, I have a cute Christmas tree next to me--one next to my recliner where I watch tv and the other here on my desk. 

So we're all set with 'decorating' for the holiday season. 


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12/07/2019 08:50:36

Sounds like you are ready for Christmas Altara!  I have a small Christmas tree up and that is all I'm doing this year!  I just love having the tree lit when it's dark in the living room!  And this time of year....it's dark 16 hours of it!

12/05/2019 11:45:17

Awesome. "It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas."

12/04/2019 17:11:09

Aww that's great pal.. decorating helps one get into the holiday spirit doesnt it xo

12/04/2019 14:27:18

Sounds wonderful. I wish my house allowed more room for decorating, but we make do with what we have. We decorate more outside on front porch. Our son put the tree up in den Thanksgiving night. I simply love to decorate, and was just reminiscing this morning how I would love to live in a home that had mantles in several rooms. My neighbor across the street has a good size tree in their front yard..perfect to decorate, but they never do. Our downtown had their annual Christmas tree lighting on Monday night. Need to get down there soon...live just a few blocks away. Share some pictures -:)

12/04/2019 13:15:33

Wonderful you can celebrate this year.

I Love decorating .Lights in every room !

All I am missing is

The Elf on the Shelf !


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