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Living in a wheelchair has many advantages.
Posted On 12/04/2019 22:09:13 by Livia

Living in a wheelchair has many advantages.

When I go to the restaurant, I always have a chair. I just need the table.

At music concerts, I always have a chair to sit on.

I don't need to buy many shoes, (but I have many ...).

My shoes are always new.

When I go to the supermarket, I have priority. That's good, isn't it?

And I will not cite all the advantages because the text was too long.

Life is hard for everyone, living in a wheelchair is not easy, but we can live and be happy.


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12/07/2019 08:57:51

Hello Alien!

Thank you for your post. Many times we need to scream for people to open their eyes. I understand that anyone who is not in a wheelchair does not think much about it. It is we who have to change the minds of the people. Sorry for my english, I'm portuguese. Hugs

12/07/2019 08:47:13

Thank you Mikey, I agree with you.

12/05/2019 17:28:19

I forgot to say to take care of your screws, your husband is right.

Have to ask Santa Claus to fix his screws.


12/05/2019 17:23:31

Hello yourchoice!

Thanks for your post, it's very good.

It is no use living with a negative attitude, it will only make our life more difficult.

Bad experiences in our lives sometimes help us to be better. Other people get angrier, we're not all the same.

To help a person with a physical disability, it doesn't take much to make them smile. You have to be nice, keep company, talk and know how to listen to her when she needs it.

Of course I would be happier if the world were adapted for wheelchair users.

In my country, (Portugal), it has been very bad in the past. It is already better today. But it still needs to improve a lot.

Politicians need to think more about making life easier for people with physical difficulties.

I have been living in a wheelchair for many years.

I don't remember walking.

I am an independent person. I studied, I worked, I got married and I was a mother.

It was hard, I faced many obstacles, but I succeeded. And I feel happy. My life is always a struggle.

Sometimes I lose, sometimes I win.

This is life for everyone, isn't it?

12/05/2019 16:51:15

Thanks so much for posting your blog. I love your positive attitude... life at times just IS what it IS!!!

I had an experience some 20 years ago... fell in my kitchen and litteraly broke my foot off. Surgery, insertion of steel plate and screws to help healing, and no weight-bearing for 26 weeks plus 8 months of rehab. I learned the kindness and the "going the extra mile" by my husband, the offers of help from unexpected neighbors, and to be content (complaining didn't help my situation). I'm no longer shy about speaking to strangers, and helping people with physical disabilities that cross my path... sometimes, all that I can do to help is give a smile and a kind word.

By the way, I still don't need the help of a cane, but I do walk a bit 'funny'! Last year I was told that 4 of the 7 screws in my ankle are loose (so be careful!), and if my hubby decides to announce that his wife has a few screws loose, I can't honestly object!!!!! 

12/05/2019 15:46:19


If everyone had an experience, it didn't have to be a long time, living a few days in a wheelchair, they would look differently at a lifelong person in a wheelchair.

Thank you for your post. I liked very much.

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