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It Might Be A Religious Blog...Beware! :)
Posted On 12/19/2019 23:39:29 by Allen

  So I'm sitting here with my last can of Who-Hash that hopefully the Grinch won't take?  I'm located here on Misfit Island taking in all the rays I can!  Although I feel I could do better...only if Santa would ever come rescue me, with Rudolph's bright nose leading the way! 

  The magic hat that I got from Frosty The Snowman ain't helping!  I guess it only works on people that put one foot in front of the other because soon you'll be walking out that door!

    The holly jolly Christmas is only one star away above Bethlehem!  Just follow the little drummer boy and the three kings with grand gifts from afar!  Away in a manger is when you'll find the greatest gift of all!  Joy to the world is where it could lead you?  

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  So the point I'm trying to make here depends on you and what you believe in!  December 25th is Jesus birthday!  Don't leave the Christ out of X-Mas this year!  Merry Christmas to all my Misfits that live here on Misfit Not Over The Hill Island!  






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12/29/2019 07:58:48

Awesome. Love your blog and the video of the Christmas story! 

12/22/2019 15:22:04

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas also Allen and while you are at it, Go Tell It on the Mountain, or The Hill will work also

12/20/2019 09:52:39

Thanks Deb!  I'm glad you enjoyed what I put down in writing!  A lot of times I just don't know what to write so I ramble my words with other ideas that sometimes make a little sense at the end of my blog?...lol  I just want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!  Make the light shine down on you!

12/20/2019 09:50:47

Thanks so much Greg!  I haven't been around too much as of late but I wanted to write everyone a Christmas wish incase I didn't see them before the holidays?  I hope you have a good Christmas and the weather cooperates where you are?  So far for the past week it has been mild here with temps up to the freezing mark!  A little snow is forcast after Christmas and yes...I still am working OT except I have this weekend off!  Happy Holidays my dear friend!

12/20/2019 07:30:37

I always enjoy your blogs, Allen! you have a great way of writing!

12/20/2019 05:12:24

Merry Christmas Allen!

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