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As Time Passes On We Still Are The Same!
Posted On 12/21/2019 19:33:02 by Allen

My oh my...time just keeps a chugging along!

Tom Hanks

Matt Leblanc

Harrison Ford

Richard Gere

Freddie Mercury

Clint Eastwood

David Bowie

Tom Selleck

Will Smith

]Johnny Depp

Jon Bon Jovi

Julia Roberts

Rob Lowe

Michael Jackson

Tina Turner

Drew Barrymore

Cyndi Lauper

Brad Pitt

George Clooney

Paul Mccartney

Robert De Niro

Henry Winkler

Sylvester Stallone

Bruce Springsteen

Mel Gibson

Mick Jagger

Lionel Richie

  So everyone ages...you just can't help it!  Did you know anyone here?  From their past or present state?  Let me know!  I sure did...I grew up with these people!  No wonder, as I've aged with them!  It's not so bad...just what happens!


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01/10/2020 07:08:22

Apparently they don't like competition on the blogs here so I won't blog here anymore!  Just let the one's that make all the rules do it I guess?  

12/29/2019 17:04:03

I am so SICK of trollers. I WANTED MORE PHOTOS, darn it!!! Some brought tears to my eyes. Blogs are personal diary entrys, with a place to store & share them. How dare someone tell anyone how long or short their personal blog HAS to be. It is personel & not someone elses. I WANTED MORE PHOTOS!!! If a person doesn't like looking at photos, then leave the blog & read another one. We are NOT bloging for anyone else out there; blogs are for us, personally; & just maybe some other person may like to see it, also. We blog for us, not as a judgment contest. The blog police's britches seem to  be getting a little to snotty & authoritarian... I'm done before I say something I will regret. It is too bad, this was a great place to come to to mingle & share. Now, too many people have been given permission to be authoritarian bullies by the examples of the top powers of a lot of nations, not just ours (USA). I'm sure civility & kindness will come back; but we are going to need a lot of people leading by example not just the top powers of many nations, to accomplish that. GREAT BLOG & I WANTED MORE PICTURES. Happy Holidays, Happy Kwanza, & Happy New Year to you & yours... Hugs T P

12/29/2019 11:02:25

Glad to hear from you Allen.

I sure do hope you find what you're looking for .

In This New Year !

It's My Wish to have a Year without so much Crime and Sadness in this World?

Best Wishes 



12/29/2019 10:20:57

No...just looking for another outlet.  I was told by Altara that I can't mention other sites ...only FB and would I delete a few comments on another blog?  I did!  On this one I was told that there were too many pictures and that she could barely get through them all!  Suggested that I put them on my page instead for designing purposes!  Well, kids...I don't design pages...I blog and I have been doing it for many years!  I enjoy blogging but when all the fun is taken out of it....I move on!  The only reason I'm still here is because of a few of you that are dear to my heart!  I was told to read the blog rules!  I did that before I started blogging here!  

12/28/2019 20:45:49

I think he found this place too boring?

from what he said?

Probably back on Boomer

12/28/2019 17:43:39

Where's Allen?

12/27/2019 18:57:01

Thanks for sharing !

I love seeing ,especially Men !

They seem to age Better than us Women ?

12/23/2019 15:51:29

I know all of them. How cool to put together past and present photos.

12/23/2019 12:06:47

Enjoyed seeing these..some have aged gracefully, others not so much. Fist thing that came to mind in the latter, their probably on a statin drug. It's biggest side effect is extensive premature aging. Thanks for sharing. Have missed your posts. Enjoy your Christmas season -:)

12/22/2019 15:27:57

Wow, how cool to look back and I love how they put these pics together.  Thanks Allen, this was fun.  Sorry I was not here earlier, it has been very busy for me.  Enjoy your weekend and have a great Christmas Week.

12/22/2019 15:13:24

this was SO COOL!!!! thank you for sharing all of these, I had never seen them before!

12/22/2019 00:25:30

Allen, you need to realize that this is a very busy time for many people. If I was 10 years younger, I would still be baking cookies at this time of night, because of all the stuff I had to do during the day... housekeeping, shopping, entertaining out-of-town relatives who came for a Christmas visit. Need I say more?

Even though I haven't been to a movie in years, or even read PEOPLE magazine, the people in those photos are all over the Internet. It is quite a collection of "then and now" photos, and I was fascinated with the ability to combine the photos. That is what I have been trying to learn lately, since I started to relearn photo restoration. I'm getting a lot of practice in a closed group on Facebook. Combining items from two different photos, changing backgrounds on a photo, and restoring torn, faded, and creased photo that are vintage family photo treasures.

Thanks for posting the photos.

12/21/2019 22:47:49

This place is as dead as a door nail!  Hopefully people will look at this and respond?  If they don't...I'm afraid this will be my last blog then!  Quiet people deserve quiet blogs...meaning "Why bother?"

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