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All My Friends...Please READ! You Non-Friends...Do Also!
Posted On 01/11/2020 18:14:59 by Allen

  I haven't been very fair to my friends on here and for that I apologize!  I should be on here more often but as of late...I haven't!  I check up on all of you but never give it any effort to tell you a funny comment like I used to!  Maybe I've become uninspired?  Maybe I've become an asshole?  Maybe that's what you think of me?  Maybe I'll get a PM telling me to remove the word asshole on my blog? 

  You know...we are all adults here and I respect you all and I think you know that the English language has different words to express the way that we are feeling...so don't put down what I've put down!  If you can read between the lines, you know what I mean? 

  I'm not a bad person...I just have an opinion and to some...that's a threat!  So tonight I thought I'd come back here and drop you a blog telling you that you are worth my words to you!  I do hope most of my friends read this blog and understand where I'm coming from? 

  I'm from Minnesota...land of 10,000 lakes and very bad winters...although this one so far hasn't been too bad!  But there are three months to go?...lol 

  So what I'm trying to say here is that I'll try to do better and make my presence more known when I'm here...weather and time permitting?  Because you know what?....You are so worth it! 

  Here's a picture of me and Misha I took today as we were watching the Minnesota Vikings play!  The game isn't over yet...but we are getting beat!  I'm surprised we made it this far in the playoffs!  


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01/16/2020 18:06:47

It's like that old Rolling Stones song Deb....you can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you get what you need!  No more fish burgers available but tonight I bought a lemon sweet rotisserie chicken!  And it sure is nummy...I'll bet you're a white meat person?  I love eating the dark meat!  

01/13/2020 10:58:59

Well there you are.  I was missing you.  Glad you checked back in.  No one can please everyone all the time.  Chill brother and just be you, that is who I came to care about and call my friend.  Some days someone might not agree with one of your blogs, don't sweat it, there is always tomorrow, LoL. You are a good writer so write your heart, that is all you are responsible for, we are responsible for how we react.  Get on the hill and enjoy your friends, we kinda like you, LOL.  Hi to Misha and pass me a fish burger, extra tarter sauce please.

01/12/2020 18:07:37

Hello Lavita!  I love your accent! 

01/12/2020 16:18:01

Olá Allen.

Eu sou portuguesa,  tentei traduzir a sua mensagem.

Não o considero uma má pessoa.  A sua terra tem invernos ruins e nem sempre pode estar presente no site e enviar comentarios. Isso não o faz uma má pessoa. 

Amei o seu Misha é um lindo cão.

Adoro animais e nota-se que você também adora o seu Misha. Pessoas que gostam de animais, são boas pessoas.

Um abraço


01/12/2020 12:19:38

Cheers back to you Anne...as I raise my glass of skim milk!...lol  Misha says Woof, Woof!  which means in dog language...thank you!

01/12/2020 10:25:25

Good looking dog :)  Not quite sure what you are trying to get across.  Just be you - no apologies - works well.  Cheers, Anne

01/12/2020 10:16:24

Hi Greg!  Glad you're keeping up on the playoffs!  Cousins looked like he was afraid or paid off...didn't he?...lol  There was no running game to speak of so they should have passed it more but that's all history now!  So onto the Green Bay Packers game tonight!  Hope they lose!...lol  Glad you're getting some warm weather over there Greg!  Snow is in our future this week...hopefully not too much?

01/12/2020 10:12:40

Hello Deb!  Crap, poop, shit...it's all the same to me...very flushable!...lol  And you're right...too much breading on the fish makes it taste like breading!  I try to make my fish sandwiches taste like the ones at McDonalds and sometimes I succeed!  The things we talk about!...lol  As for my blogging...I'm gonna keep doing what I've been doing...and that's doing it my way!  I always will be within reason of any rules around as I want to show common courtesy to everyone that reads them!  I joke around alottttt but that's just me!  And guess what...I gotta be me!

01/12/2020 07:48:03

Cousins didn't look to sharp in the game. I was hoping the Vikings would pull it off. On the upside the Ravens got knocked off. I always love to see that lol. You won't believe this but we hit 70 degrees Saturday. A record. Winds were awful. 35 degrees this morning. Go figure lol. Winter is a crazy season wouldn't you say?
Nice to see you posting.

01/12/2020 07:25:47

glad to see you back to bloggin' Allen! I have missed seeing your happy face, and great blogs... it's like anything else in life, you can't please all the people all of the time, you just be you...don't let anyone steal your joy, IF people don't like what you (or anyone else for that matter) writes in their blog, then, they can just move along. You never use profanity, or porno in any of your writings.. You called yourself an "asshole" no one else, by the way I do NOT think you are...In my opinion, I  don't think that word is profanity..but some people might...I say "crap" and that makes my sister cringe when I use it...LOL 

I love a good fish burger... I like the fish grilled better then fried, because some people put way too much crust on the fish to hide the fact that the fish is a very small thin piece of it...

01/11/2020 23:12:54

Sweet of you to say Allen,

I am not much of a talker, 

But a Good Listener.

 Ya Here  !

~~ Smiles~

Good Night

01/11/2020 22:59:11

Hello Cheryl!  I have always admired you from afar!  You don't know me that well but I seem to know you as you are always there with open arms!  Thank God for you!  Thanks for always being there!  

01/11/2020 22:57:05

Well hello there Mona!  You know it's so good to hear from you as you are a sweetheart with the most of the host!  I read your PMs and you are one of my dearest friends on here as you really seem to care!  Now those fish burgers or filet-o-fishes as some seem to call them are what dreams are made of!...lol  hugs for you my friend!

01/11/2020 22:50:54

Hello Allen,

We all get to that point at some time.

I do, just sometimes I have nothing to say!

It has nothing to do with not liking or just forgetting our friends.

It's A Break.

But if it turns out to be a very long time gone,

we might worry that something bad has happened?

So, Keep in touch Now and Then !



01/11/2020 22:43:43

Allen, it's about time that we hear from you again. Life gets busy... and we end up wondering where the time has gone. It happens to me and I'm 'old'!

As for fish burgers, I had never heard of them until we visited our daughter in Washington. They have access of fresh fish, right off the boat, and that became a treat for us. We live in Beef Country... so its hamburgers, steaks, stew, roasts, etc. etc. (and the occasional chicken!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend... and stay warm!

01/11/2020 20:46:32

Right now I'm eating homemade fish burgers with cheese and tarter sause momtocam!  This is what life is happening for me right now!  So tasty!  Enjoy the rest of the weekend as well!  You are so sweet!  

01/11/2020 20:10:19

Good to see you here again,,do understand..Life happens. Enjoy the weekend Allen...

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