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Cupid's Arrow Is Strumming A Guitar String!
Posted On 02/14/2020 13:01:28 by Allen

  Well, since it's Valentine's Day I thought I would post some really powerful love songs that I think are quite good! Now mind you...every song that is written has some kind of love behind it...even Love Stinks by The J. Geils Band! ...lol

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  I have four picks that we all grew up with! I'm going with (Everything I Do) I Do It For You by Bryan Adams, When I'm With You by Sheriff, Love Of A Lifetime by Firehouse and More Than Words by Extreme! These are some of my favorites and I know I just scraped the surface! How could I forget I Will always Love You by Whitney Houston/Dolly Parton, or even Is This Love by Whitesnake you are going to say? Anyway...this is where you come in! If you have a favorite here that I picked out or if you have one of your own...I'm all ears! I'd like to know what you think is one of the greatest love songs ever! Don't be shy! Happy Valentine's Day!


















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02/18/2020 07:33:22

Great song Deb...I remember this one and haven't heard it in awhile!  I do believe I have Savage Garden's Greatest Hits...somewhere in my house?...lol  I have so many...I lose count!  Keep on rocking on Deb!  

02/17/2020 17:13:43

I still love Truly, Madly, Deeply by Savage Garden.  There are a few more I love also.  Good blog Allen and yes, music is the soul.

02/16/2020 17:01:35

OMG Deb...you're showing your age with that one!  I am listening to it now on Youtube!  I faintly remember it but haven't heard it in ages!  hanks for the info!  Hope your V day was good!

02/16/2020 14:31:12

I like the Everything I Do, I Do it For You by Bryan Adams too! My favorite song is Turn Around,Look at Me by the Vogues or the Lettermen

02/16/2020 08:00:10

Some great love songs you mentioned there Momtocam!  Songs and memories! 

02/15/2020 18:42:03

Some faves that come to  mind...Keep on Loving You- REO Speedwagon...Faithfully- Journey...Hello - Lionel Richie...Power of Love- Laura Branigan. Brings back many memories.-:)

02/14/2020 19:16:10

We've got the music in us Greg...it what keeps us going and also young at heart!  

02/14/2020 19:15:31

These songs might be to new for you Mona as they are all from the late 80s...early 90s era but Sheriff is also from Canada as well as Bryan Adams!  I love the video you posted although I've never heard it before!  Thank you for that new listen!

02/14/2020 19:13:19

Thanks Jane but what do I know?  What do you know?

02/14/2020 14:58:09

Great choices Allen. Music moves our souls.

02/14/2020 13:31:14

I've been thinking there should be at least a "musical moment" from you today. I'm on the run and will "try" to listen to your music later. I do know the Bryon Adams name... of course, he's Canadian, but I don't know your other picks.

I must admit that in our "younger days", specifically when hubby and I were dating and then married, we did have a theme song. I looked it up because I can still remember the title, but I've learned that my taste in music has changed over the years. I'm more of a soft, instrumental music person that could put me to sleep now!!!!! 

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