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Are You Up For Some Tough Questions?
Posted On 03/13/2020 21:24:54 by Allen

  Well, I know you're probably getting sick of these music posts? I do them because music sets us free and gives us a peaceful easy feeling from all the trouble in the world! Tonight I'm listening to a couple of artists that had just one hit on the billboard charts! But they were a big enough hit that I think you're gonna remember them? I'm talking about Tommy Tutone's smash hit 867-5309/Jenny and The Knack's equally awesome hit called My Sharona. Now how many of you dialed that number just to say you did? Did Jenny talk to you?...lol Both were what they call One-Hit-Wonders! But I bet you probably sang karaoke to each of them at some point in your life? Now of course comes the hard part...which of these hits are you gonna pick over the other one? My pick is gonna be The Knack's My Sharona only because the album it came off of was very memorable and had some very catchy rock tunes though out the whole album! I just noticed...sorry about the glare in the picture! I knew I should have worn a cap! 

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  Now it is time to answer that age old question and let your voices ring out as you either choose one or the other! It's Sammy Hagar vs David Lee Roth and I think you know the connection? Both were lead singers for that little known rock group called Van Halen! For me, it's David Lee Roth for the better Van Halen tunes...my opinion anyway! But wait...as solo artists it's Sammy Hagar all the way! I was enjoying Sammy Hagar as the lead singer for Montrose and also his solo albums way before Van Halen came along! So are you gonna "Jump" or "Finish What Ya Started?"

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03/20/2020 20:40:39

Sorry I haven't responded to all your comments although I have read them and truly appreciate them!  Thanks for always being there for me!  It's been a busy week for me as with all the troubles of the world will attest to!  hugs for all and I hope you all stay healthy and safe!  

03/18/2020 17:08:12

I finally made it.  Another good blog Allen.  I still love 8675309 as it was easy to line dance to.  My Sharona has been used in so many commercials you still here it today.  Loved Van Halen can't pick just one, LOL.  I was listenting to some old albums today and still enjoy, Rising Sun, and Brown Eyed Girl.  Got my dancing shoes on.

03/14/2020 16:21:34

More wonderful flashbacks in time...Van Halen..an outstanding, unique, and very talented group..regardless, both did great on lead vocals..so can't pick just one of them. The songs 867-5309 and My Sharona were hits big time. 867 is an exchange here in our county. No doubt, many got calls for Jenny. Ironically, a few days ago, I thought of My Sharona with all of the Corona virus madness hitting across the world, how the song could be rewritten .....calling it My Corona...just a thought. All schools in N.C. are closed for the next 2 weeks.

03/14/2020 09:29:33

I pick 867-5309. I never dialed the number myself but if you recall when it came out, you didn't have to use the area code to dial locally. Yes this number was a local exchange. So suddenly here in Akron, Ohio this family started getting all these calls and they all asked for Jenny. At first the family had no idea what was going on. You see none of the family had ever heard the song!
I choose Sammy and David. Both did an excellent job on lead vocals for Van Halen.

03/14/2020 05:59:36

I enjoy reading your music blogs Allen! I remember those 2 "one hit wonders" you are talking about, and immedietly the song "My Sharona" popped into my head! LOL! 

03/14/2020 00:26:01

Alan, I am again 'out of the loop' but that doesn't matter. I enjoy the variety of blogs here... after all, we are a variety of members in this virtual community.

How are things at your work? Are there affects in your work because of the current news?

I'm still trying to figure out how you get your picture taken in "reverse"... !!!!!!

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