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"But this is unusual"
Posted On 03/24/2020 12:35:24 by Buffalogal

"But This is Unusual"

Many years ago my husband had lung problems and the doctor recommended moving to a drier climate. We drove across the country from New York City to the west coast twice to see if there was a job possibility for him but he didn't find anything

Then one day 2 years later he was notified that he was having a job transfer to Colorado. The company was sending our family there for a week, to find another home. We had already been to Colorado so I was just thrilled and couldn't wait to go.

We flew into Denver in early June and stayed at a Holiday Inn just north of the city. Some other famiies being transferred had already returned from their visits and reported there had been some serious floodingdue to spring storms and they were told "but this is unusual".

On our second day there, we heard lots of noise outside the hotel window, looked out and saw a hailstorm that peppered the ground with large white hail so deep, that it had to be shoveled. The hotel people told us "but this is unusual, we don't generally get this much hail."

We found a home, returned to New York, made preparations to move and left there in August. They sent our animals out on a plane in wooden crates. We had a black labrador retreiver and when we brought her home, I thought that large wooden crate would make a lovely dog house for her in our yard.

One day in September, I went outside to hang out some wash. There was a large silver maple tree in the yard and I saw a bushy tail hanging down from a crotch that I thought was a large squirrel. Several hours later that bushy tail was still in the tree, very strange for a squirrel to be there so long. I went out closer to the tree and saw it wasn't a squirrel, it was a porcupine. Several neighbors came over to take a look and they said "but this is unusual". We lived on a city street and were a few blocks from the foothills and mountains. The porcupine finally climbed down from the tree and left in the late afternoon.

In early October we were having lovely warmish fall weather and within a couple of days we had 1-1/2 feet of snow. In less than a week, we had another 1-1/2 feet of snow that broke many tree branches because the trees were still leafed out. Neighbors told us "but this is unusual".

November we found out, was the beginning of the windy season. One night there was terrible noise outside that sounded like a freight train coming through the yard. There were wind gusts upwards of 80 miles per hour. The next morning I went out in the yard and the dog crate was missing. It wasn't in the neighbor's yard, we didn't even find pieces. It was just gone and again neighbors said "but this is unusual".

Well, I've lived in Colorado over 50 years and have found it isn't unusual at all.

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03/25/2020 05:28:31

Nice story! I guess "this is unusual" is actually usual!

03/24/2020 20:17:43

The "unusual" gives everyone something to talk about. If everything was always the same, life would be so boring.

Thanks for putting your experiences into great work pictures. I look forward to your next episode.

03/24/2020 17:42:23

What a delightful story. Something's always going on in Colorado, and it's always so unusual. You had me wondering what was coming next. Great blog, thank you.

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