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You Got To Know When To Hold 'Em! Oh, You Can't Anymore! :(
Posted On 03/25/2020 19:59:13 by Allen

  I had to dig out my box set of Kenny Rogers-Through The Years: A Retrospective after hearing of the passing of him! I guess he passed away in his house Friday night sometime! Now he wasn't my favorite growing up but he was always there on the radio! He's an artist that I kind of grew into and respected what he sang later on in my years! Sort of like Barry Manilow...if you know what I mean? This box set has 4 discs adding up to 80 tracks! He was in a group called The First Edition and then went solo! He's had so many hits that I couldn't list them all here! But two of his hits went number 1 for three weeks straight...they were of course The Gambler and Coward Of The County! You would hear both of these and many others on the pop and country stations! So my question to you is which of these two hits would you pick to be your favorite, (or name a few others if you so wish to) and what would you categorize them under...Country or Pop? Some honorable mentions are Ruby: Don't Take Your Love To Town, Just Dropped In To See What Condition My Condition Was In, Something's Burning, Sweet Music Man, Lucille, Daytime Friends, Lady, Islands In The Stream and What Are We Doing In Love just to name a few that I love! 

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  Well, what can I say! It's time to get back on track! I picked out two albums that are from the 70s with a hit from each that are staples from that classic rock era! Of course I'm talking about Nazareth-Hair Of The Dog from 1975 and Thin Lizzy-Jailbreak from 1976! Both are considered classic rock albums! The Nazareth album had the big hit Love Hurts and the follow up Hair Of The Dog! The Thin Lizzy album had the awesome hit The Boys Are Back In Town and their follow up was Jailbreak! All these hits got heavy air play on rock radio! So which is your favorite album or song? Maybe you don't have one? I don't know but if you grew up in my timeline then you will have a say here! Both are great albums and in this battle of the bands, I can't really choose! Both were my favorites growing up! So I'll leave it up to you! Tell me what you think! 


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03/26/2020 15:54:42

Nazareth (Love Hurts) is my favorite. Had this 45. KENNY is a legend. My favirite tune all time is (Lady) Saw him in concert prob in 1978 (Ft Worth Texas) I started a new 70's 80's library recently on my Spotify account. Just something to break up the monotony of newer music..and to take me back to a golden time in my younger years. Thanks Allen for doing these reflections -:)  Lisa

03/26/2020 05:03:52

I agree with you 100%. Kenny Rogers had a lot of hits. Later I grew to really appreciate his music.
Once again you've made it tough to pick because I loved both Nazareth and Thin Lizzy. I never got to see Thin Lizzy in concert but I did see Nazareth, so I choose their Hair of the Dog as my favorite between these two lps.

03/25/2020 20:45:08

Here I am, also a "music lover"! We've had many of Kenny Roger's tapes and CDs, and more recently enjoyed his music on YouTube.

Here is the "grey-haired" Kenny singing with Dolly Parton at the 2005 CMT when singing “Islands In The Stream”, and naming them the Number 1 duet of all time. During the live concert, this iconic pair took the stage together for the first time in 15 years. You could add this one to your great collection!

Kenny Rogers had a real knack of recording songs that appealed to a wide range of listeners. 

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