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Spam, Spam and More Spam! :)
Posted On 03/27/2020 00:42:06 by Allen

  So here we are...stuck in our quality of life that we made for ourselves and always took if for granted until now! So you're starting to realize that this is the life...sitting inside your four walls of happiness! Right? Spending time at home with whatever relationships with people you have! Am I rambling on? You bet I am for I am a Rambling Man!...lol People have asked me what am I listening to tonight for music on my 60th birthday? What are my favorite albums? Well, let me tell you a little secret! I have a few! I have a lot of taste and that's more music then the average person can absorb! The four albums I'm listening to tonight are Billy Joel-The Stranger, Huey Lewis And The News-Sports, Warren Zevon-Excitable Boy and Joe Jackson-Look Sharp! Some of the best around and some of my favorites! I say some because I have a lot of different flavors flowing through my spirit! But these will do tonight! Billy Joel's album had four hits with Movin' Out, Just The Way You Are, Only The Good Die Young and She's Always A Woman! Huey Lewis' album had five hits with The Heart Of Rock And Roll, Heart And Soul, I Want A New Drug, Walking On A Thin Line and If This Is It! Warren Zevon's album had Werewolves Of London and many deeper cuts that got a lot of radio play! Now Joe Jackson's album is another virus altogether! It had the hit Is She Really Going Out With Him? But the whole album is worthy of multiple listens! I just love it! So if you know any of these classic albums please let me know what you like...if any? And while I'm here rambling on...I would like to thank everyone that wished me a Happy Birthday! I really did appreciate it more than words can explain!

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  When store shelves are bare and this is all that's left...beggar's can't be choosers! Be imaginative and discover the true power of Spam! Besides...It's Minnesota grown!...lol 

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03/28/2020 17:27:33

You're as young as you feel and think Jane! keep up the way you are thinking and you'll outlive most of us!  Thanks for checking up on me!  I know I should be commenting on yours and I feel guilty about not taking the time!  Forgive me as you seem to be such a nice person!  

03/28/2020 17:25:13

So what you're telling me Lisa...in your teenyears you didn't enjoy the sweet taste of Spam nor do you now?...lol  Butthat's ok...more for me when I'm dancing to the beat of the meat of the music!  

03/28/2020 17:23:36

Well Mona...if your husband is grilling up those ole Spam and cheese sandwiches...he is onto something!...lol  Oh, by the way...I love your Dad's opinion of how it all could end up...good or bad...just except it for what it is!  You can't excape it!  

03/28/2020 17:20:32

I just love the Spam cake Deb!  It is so creamy especially with the jell on top of it!  I sipped it all up with a straw!

03/28/2020 16:42:25

I'm sorry I missed your birthday Greg but I was there in spirit!...lol  I know you are my brother from another Mother so you're stuck with me!  

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03/27/2020 22:45:42

Love the blog.  Did you know I have tried 3 on line merchants and they are all out of Spam.  I do not celebrate birthdays any more.  I have anniversaries of my 38th birthday... I have had 30 of those.. next month I will celebrate 31.  It works for me.  Love the music.  You always know exactly what is right.  Thank you for sharing and allowing us to share in your celebration.

03/27/2020 19:10:06

The weekend is here...Thanks for sharing more wonderful tunes. I will look these up and add several to my Spotify account. Spam is indeed a unique meat. Ate it when I was a teen. But seemingly, it remains in store shelves, so still a popular food item. Enjoy your birthday celebration all thru the weekend...you deserve it -:)  Lisa

03/27/2020 16:26:51

Good blog, Allen! Being that I have already sent you some birthday music (probably not on the top of your list of music), my comment to this blog is that being "stuck" in our circumstances is not always a bad thing. As my Dad would have said, "It is, what it is!" We have a chance to have a look and be reminded about all the good things that we have, and there is no guarantee that we are exempt of the bad.

Oh... and by the way, my husband still considers Spam to be good sandwitch meat! Sigh!!!

03/27/2020 07:15:06

I love your music choice for your birthday Allen! I hope you enjoyed it inspite of being "stuck" in the house!

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03/27/2020 04:46:56

Continue your birthday celebration for a week! That's what I am doing. It's ironic our birthdays are just 3 days apart. You sure picked some great albums to listen to for Your day. Just seeing the titles brings back lots of good memories from my youth.

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