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A Quick Reminder
Posted On 04/17/2020 06:08:41 by texasjane

I listen to people on the news being interviewed.  I heard someone ask a religious leader why God would permit this virus.  Then I think back.  God did not put Daniel in the lion's den... man did.  God delivered him out.  Even those who go on in another plane are delivered out.  We are given free will.  The blame game is just another way to frighten people and to create intolerance.  Don't get sucked into it.  We are winning this.  Stay the course.  Common sense and faith will defeat this virus.  We need more of both at this point.  Stay safe.

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04/18/2020 21:08:06

We have all been sent to our rooms. Some have rebelled..others are reflecting on the grace and goodness that remains, no matter how long this might last..there is a light shining..those who point a finger and blame God, they don't have faith...their searching for answers, all the while they are not trusting HIM. HIS plan is laid out, in this, and every element of our lives...Amen

04/18/2020 19:51:21

Hello my friend, God loves Us that He shared his blood in the Calvary to saved our lives.  So we have faith in Him and follow his words in the Bible.  Whatever happned now is the Bible . 

Let us ask God to forgive our sins.  Amen. 

Isaiah  26 : 29.. Go home, my people, and lock your doors. Hide yourselves for a little while until the LORD’s anger has passed.

04/17/2020 23:25:35

  Some politicians do not use common sense..For some govenors to shut down all states is not a common sense thing to do.. Every state is different and should be judged accordingly..

I feel like we are being herded like sheep and I fear some may want this to be the 'norm' in this country..

04/17/2020 21:53:53

You make a great point and I agree with you. I get so tired of people who look to blame God and other people for all the 'bad' stuff. So much energy is being wasted over things of which we have no control. Do what we can, exercise our faith (no matter how little we have), and stay the course. Our Creator knows what is happening, and he has control of everything, including our next breath.

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