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Separated From Our Loved Ones!
Posted On 04/28/2020 17:53:41 by happygirl44

Enjoyed your blogs! What a different time we live in!! So miss our son,Bill and going to church and being around our family&friends! We must take this Virus serously! So many without mask and mingling together, without distancing them selves or masks! Keeps our prayer life active for sure! Appreciate each of you!! Boyd has a small garden out back this year. He is doing wonderful! I am blessed! Hugs Shirley

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04/30/2020 01:02:12

Has anyone realized we are in the beginning stages of socialism?  The government paying us...not to work.  The more we depend on the government the more they control.  Our freedoms are slowly being taken away in the name of 'safety'.  Granted common sense tells us what to do.  Keep your distance, wear a face mask to protect you and those you love, wash your hands.  If you can get in the sun for a few minutes a day.  The ulta violet rays kills the virus in seconds.  Common sense.  The polictians are in charge now so God help us survive their solutions.  We need to stay in communication with our loved ones even when we cannot be together.  Don't gamble, follow some common sense.  We will survive the virus but will we survive the cure?

04/29/2020 13:00:44

Shirley, stay strong..as I know you will..our lives have been seriously disrupted. My personal thoughts on this virus is much of it is totally political. I don't know if our economy will ever return to the amazing condition it was prior to this happening. Many here (including our council) held a press conference this morning to override our governors mandate of a May 8th reopening (in stages)..Social security and Medicare are both getting gutted from this shutdown. Both entities is..and has been running on life support for the last 20 years. Yes, many have compromised immune systems, others do not, so there should be some resolution on bringing back even a partial opening of businesses. We have seen a few small businesses here in Belmont shut their doors permanently. I pray we come back stronger than ever before. We must...

04/29/2020 05:16:00

It's hard not seeing our children or grand kids. We are in this together and we will make it though.

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