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Posted On 05/24/2020 10:37:51 by Buffalogal
The other day my watch needed a new battery. The one jeweler 3 miles away, had just reopened his store so I drove over there.
As I was coming along Main St. there was a police car leading a caravan of cars beeping their horns and covered with balloons, banners, and ribbons with young people happily waving, so I stuck my arm out of the window and kept waving back as car after car passed by.
It was the high school graduating class from Centaurus High having something to celebrate.
After I got home, there were more beeping horns at a major street down the hill and this time the parade was our own city graduating seniors from Monarch High.
The next day we had several cars of 5th graders moving on to middle school driving through our mobile home park. They too were honking and celebrating.
In this time of isolation and life changing moments for many who would otherwise be having big parties for this special occasion in their lives, it was so nice to see them having something fun to do, happy and smiling, bringing smiles to my face and lifting my spirits too.
My own granddaughter who attends a university in New York City has been home here in Colorado since March, has now finished college and just had a a "virtual graduation", with a real ceremony still TBD.

After 4 long years, it was the best they could do.

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05/27/2020 20:33:11

Celebrating graduation is a mixed emotion from a parents for the success of their children    It’s time for change and let them show the world , its time to spread their wings and fly.

05/25/2020 20:13:14

That would have been so much fun to watch... young people have a way of "letting loose" to celebrate just about anything!!!!! Being that we haven't "mixed" with the neighborhood since the middle of March, the most noise we are hearing are the multitude of trains travelling through our valley, and the coyotes howling in the trees, teasing the two dogs next door. BUT... we can watch all kinds of events on TV, whenever we can't think of anything else to do with our time!!!

To see the event in person is so much better!

05/24/2020 19:30:57

She will celebrate her graduation many times over the years and in many different ways.  Rest assured the accomplishment is more than virtual.  She graduated means she owns it.  No one or thing can ever take that from her.  Everytime she fills out a resume or job application she can put down college graduate.  Be safe and God bless.  Good job.

05/24/2020 14:34:24

How cool it is!

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