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If You Met Me...You'd Like Me? ;)
Posted On 06/11/2020 18:31:53 by Allen

  As you can see, fifteen flies are getting drunk sitting on my drink and I'm just sitting here minding my own business, trying to do the same? I'm outdoors in the wind, playing fetch with my dog but them damn flies are taking over! I hope they have a hell of a hangover tomorrow!...lol 

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  Hello out there in Musicland! Tonight I'm showing off some of my favorite live albums from my teenage years so that means they are all from the 70's era! Now none of these artists were well known until they released a live album except maybe for one? That's when they became a household name! So to start off with I have an album by Peter Frampton called Frampton Comes Alive! It produced such hits as Show Me The Way, Baby I Love Your Way and Do You Feel Like We Do! Then I have a fella that used to be in the Fab Four but he formed his own band called Wings and this blockbuster album was called Wings Over America! It had a ton of hits because Paul McCartney was well established by then! He even included Beatle favorites which is what the fans really wanted...and to hear them performed live! Next is another live favorite called Kiss Alive! This had the big hit Rock And Roll All Nite! They had the painted faces and the spitting of blood and fire while singing! It was and still is a sight to behold! Then last there is Cheap Trick At Budokan! This had the hits I Want You To Want Me, Surrender and Ain't That A Shame! They were very popular in Japan but when they released this in the states ..the rest was history! Now do you have a favorite here? Or do you have others that should get an honorable mention? Rank these if you want or can? If you want my rankings I would have to say Wings, Cheap Trick, Kiss, Frampton! Rock on Everybody! 


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06/12/2020 17:03:54

Thanks Lisa!  I love the Bee Gees!  Early or disco Bee Gees...it makes no difference!  I'm a country boy and have been from the start with my parents house living a mile outside of town now with me living 18 miles to the nearest town!  But I love it...especially in these times!  You should come out and visit me sometime?  

06/12/2020 16:40:08

Another great flashback from the past..only had one album here- Frampton Comes Alive. Speaking of The Bee Gees, they were in my top 3 favorite groups then. I envy your rural setting. Grew up in the city limits. Still live in city limits about 168 miles west of where I grew up. Thanks for the flashback in time -:) Have a wonderful weekend -:)  Lisa

06/12/2020 15:57:12

We have been through our paces Deb as I'll put it and I respect you for that!  You are a human being that has kept my attention from not being distracted!...lol  Let's just say that I think that we are friends and that's why I came back!  You can give me a hug now or never and I'll still respect you in the morning!   Love your rankings by the way!  

06/12/2020 13:56:57

So far so good Allen.  I have not met you in person but have been online friends with you for awhile now.  Almost seems like we have met.  Don't wear out Mesha while you sit and ponder. Love your music pics for this blog. My list would be, Frankpton, Wings, cheap Trick and then Kiss. 

You know it's the weekend, even the flies are drinking, LOL.

06/12/2020 08:20:47

I am funny looking, that's a given Deb!...lol  I have jars of stink juice strung up by the horse fencing so the flies don't bother the horses so much!  They must of thought my stink juice was better?...lol  I'll have to mix them a vodka Dr. Pepper for their stink jars!

06/12/2020 08:17:41

Too bad you can't see my photos Greg as they are taken from my new phone that my daughters gave me for my birthday!  They seem to fit very well in this blog form of NOTH!  And of course you know your music as those are some of the greatest albums of that era!  

06/12/2020 08:15:38

But I do so love the Bee Gees Mona and I do own that concert you are talking about on blu ray!  Awesome show!  I love the early Bee Gees the best and the disco Bee Gees last!  All that dancing tires me out!...lol  The flies were nuts that night but now the humity has gone down and cooled off here for the weekend so I'm happy and so are my horses!  

06/12/2020 04:57:51

Well I can't see the picture so I guess my computer is way out of date now. You are talking about some of the greatest live albums ever! Our classic rock station still plays cuts from each of these.

06/11/2020 20:54:34

I wouldn't have ever thought of taking a photo of the gang of flies on a drink, but that is quite a picture; enough to send me back indoors with the screen door securely in place. It's not warm enough her for the flies to come out but I'm sure they will be arriving soon. Again, I have no opinion about the challenge that you have presented. But I must tell you that this week, hubby and I watched the entire live show on PBS of the BeeGees, and it was delightful. I have a feeling that their style wouldn't fit in your collection very well... I'm just sayin'!!!!

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