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If You See Me here...It's An Illusion! ;)
Posted On 06/13/2020 19:47:40 by Allen

  So once again I'm sitting out here in perfect weather, with a cool wind on my back and a cold drink in my hand, playing fetch with my little dog Misha! Life couldn't be any better! And remember, don't watch the news or listen to any of the media, as they make it up on the spot and it doesn't do any of us any good! So if you do that...you'll live a peacefully life! 

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  So we end the night on a high note as the horses will graze another few hours when the bugs are at a all time low...and as long as I can stay up awake watching them? Someone wake me up at Midnight so I can howl at the moon and remember to put them away!

  Well, tonight's the night! Everything will be alright! Because have you never been mellow?...lol Anyhow, I've got these four 70's albums, show casing that particular artists so called greatest hits! First I have Rod Stewart with the hits Hot Legs, Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?, Tonight's The Night (Gonna Be Alright), Maggie May, You're In My Heart and many more! Then it's on to Olivia Newton-John with the hits I Honestly Love You, Please Mr. Please, Have You Never Been Mellow, If You Love Me (Let Me Know), If Not For You and so many others! Then I've got Grand Funk Railroad with the hits We're An American Band, Some Kind Of Wonderful, The Loco-Motion, Bad Time, Closer To Home/I'm Your Captain and so many more! And last I have The Doobie Brothers with the hits China Grove, Black Water, Take Me In Your Arms, Rockin' Down The Highway, Takin' It To The Streets, It Keeps You Runnin' and so many more! So if you remember any of these songs or artists, let me know by telling me your favorite and maybe even ranking them? My rankings are as such: Doobies, Grand Funk, Stewart, ONJ! 

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06/16/2020 18:23:50

Love the pics my friend.  Very peaceful and beautiful.  I know you have been enjoying the weather.  Has to beat those large snow storms you get.  Love the music picks also.  The Doobies are my favorite, then Grand Funk, Rod and Olivia.  We always cranked up the DB when crusin down the river.  I still listen to them now.  Oh Black Water and  Jesus is Just Alright.  Oh my you got my feet moving, 

Thanks for the good music and the beautiful pic.  Great blog.

06/15/2020 12:46:08

Oops...brain fog on the State you reside in...Yep, Rod is the favorite here for me. Still friends ????😮😮🙂🙂🙃🙃

06/14/2020 19:52:58

My favorite depends on my mood.  Each one has been at the top of my list more than once.  Thank you for sharing.

06/14/2020 04:34:35

Gotta have a mellow time right? Out of these my favorite is Rod Stewart. As a matter of fact I've got these greatest hits too. We seem to be on the same wavelength!

06/14/2020 00:13:34

I love the photos... love the tall trees, much more beautiful than the scrub brush on the side of our hill. I'm sure that you are thankful for every day that you can experience in such a lovely setting.

06/13/2020 20:29:26

Well Lisa...for one thing...I'm from Minnesota...not Nebraska!...lol  You know...the home of Prince and Bob Dylan?  And of course Rod Stewart is a favorite of mine as I loved all his 70s and 80s albums!  So I'm guessing that Rod Stewart is your favorite here?  

06/13/2020 19:59:55

Remember vividly the day my sister and I ran to our local record store to purchase Rod Stewart's Greatist Hits album. I think albums were probably 8.00 or maybe less. One of my favorite songs he did was Downtown Train. Never bought music from the other artists here, but do remember their songs and talent. Thanks, once again, for sharing pictures of your homestead..never been to Nebraska, but it's on our bucket list. -:)  Lisa

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