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It's A Great Night To Stay Out In The Country? :)
Posted On 06/19/2020 19:41:53 by Allen

  Was just outside and God was painting the landscape! What an awesome sight to behold! If this doesn't give you hope...I don't know what will?

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  I guess I'm stuck in the 70's for now, but weren't they grand with all that good music? Here's four more albums from that era that I hate to admit I love! Did any of you have any of these albums in your collection at one point? Or maybe still do? First, after the success of Saturday Night Fever, the Bee Gees followed that up with the Spirits Having Flown album! It contained the hits Too Much Heaven, Tragedy and Love You Inside Out! Then second, I have a fella that was in Fleetwood Mac for a few years until he went solo, then things started to happen for him! His name was Bob Welch and he released the album French Kiss which contained the hits Sentimental Lady, Ebony Eyes and Hot Love Cold World! Then third, I have a man who writes the songs and his name is Barry Manilow! His album was called Barry Manilow II and it contained the huge hits Mandy and It's A Miracle! And fourth, I have a band that has endured the test of time called Abba with their Arrival album! It contains the hits Dancing Queen, Knowing Me Knowing You, Money Money Money, That's Me and Fernando! So what will you pick? Are they all too cheesy for you? Will you rank them or tell me what you like or dislike? It's all up to you my friends! This is a hard one for me but I will go with Manilow, Welch, Abba, Bee Gees!

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  Reminds me of a song by The Alan Parsons Project called Eye In The Sky! I couldn't resist to post another epic picture from my front door! It does make me relax and I hope you as well?

  I probably should get out of the 70's, but I think a lot of people love those music years as much as I do? I promise next post I'll graduate to the 80's at least!...lol Tonight I've got for you another four classic pop/rock albums! Starting with that ole dream weaver himself Gary Wright with his album titled The Dream Weaver! Of course it had that big hit called Dream Weaver and also Love Is Alive! Then it's on to the Blue Oyster Cult album called Agents Of Fortune! If you recall, it had that big hit (Don't Fear) The Reaper and This Ain't The Summer Of Love! Then it's on to Boz Scaggs album titled Silk Degrees with the big hits Lowdown, Lido Shuffle, It's Over and What Can I Say! Then lastly I have an album by Foreigner called Double Vision! It has the hits Hot Blooded, Blue Morning Blue Day and Double Vision! Now I'm wondering if you can pick a favorite? Maybe you have some of these classics in your library? Rank them if you can? I try to make this hard, if you're a fan of classic rock? Rank them, as I'm going to try right now! Scaggs, Foreigner, BOC, Wright! My picks could change in a heartbeat?


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06/20/2020 17:16:31

Wow,  I love the top picture of that beautiful sky.  The blue is, well, just  so blue.  You always get such great pictures where you live.  Thanks for sharing.

Don't make me rate the music, I have such a problem containing the music in some sort of oder.   And,  like you, I could change on a dime depending on my mood. Love Abba, Fleetwood Mac, BeeGees, and, back in the day, Barry Manilow was a good background sound, if you know what I mean.  I love them all. 

I'm listening to Sarah McLachlan and ladies from Lilith Fair right now.  Makes you feel all warm and cosy.  Have a good weekend Allen, see ya next time.

06/20/2020 04:41:19

Love the 70's music. I have the Abba album and the Bob Welch album. Classic. How cool you knew Bob Welch. Speaking of BOC besides Don't Fear the Reaper I like the song Sinful Love from that album. I've seen BOC more than any other group in concert. They are probably the best live band ever! And you and I have seen a lot of bands live but BOC is just awesome!

06/19/2020 21:17:17

You are such a sweetie Lisa!  Our music will never overpower us! 

06/19/2020 20:27:11

Had all of these albums except Gary Wright and Blue Oyster Cult. Another flashback to yesterday..and what great music we had then. Bee Gees, Barry Mannilow (he just turned 77 this week), ABBA, Bob Welch in this order for me. Saw The Bee Gees in 1979 Greensboro NC coliseum. Currently I'm listening to a variety of tunes on Spotify. Who would have ever fathomed we could have just about any song available at our fingertips..by just pressing a button. Enjoy the weekend..and Happy Fathers Day weekend too -:) Lisa in NC

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