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We Gotta Stop Hurting Each Other! :)
Posted On 06/26/2020 23:15:02 by Allen

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  Here we are again, looking at the beautiful sunset! It almost makes you feel confident that the human race is not a Looney bin of heartless souls...but maybe just children that need an upbringing? 

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  So do you remember these staple groups that were featured on MTV throughout the 1980's? Their music is unforgettable! I'm presenting to you today, their greatest hits albums! Let's start off with Human League! They had that one huge hit that everybody loved called Don't You Want Me? And also the hits (Keep Feeling) Fascination, Human and Mirror Man! Next up is a band that made mini movies for their music and I'm talking about Duran Duran! They had the hits Hungry Like The Wolf, Girls On Film, Rio, The Reflex, Union Of The Snake and A View To A Kill! Third up is a band called Dire Straits with the hits Sultan's Of Swing, Twisting By The Pool, Money For Nothing, Walk Of Life and Romeo And Juliet! And last up there is a band called The Fixx with the hits One Thing Leads To Another, Red Skies, Saved By Zero, Stand Or Fall and Are We Ourselves! Ok, here's the deal! You pick out your favorite band and/or songs and rank them if you will? Or you can tell me why you dislike a band? It's up to you? My rankings are as follows: For me it's a three way tie with the groups The Fixx, Duran Duran and Dire Straits! Human League is last! Thanks and have a pleasant Friday! Stay kwel!

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  Well, you know what I'm thinking? If you did...believe me, it would be a fun filled adventure!...lol I'm thinking that the eighties posts haven't gotten the responses that the seventies posts have? The facts don't lie! So I'm gonna try something different with this eighties post! I'm gonna post the so called Super Groups of that era! And believe me, there are some great ones! The first band I'm presenting here is called The Firm which consists of Paul Rodgers (Bad Company) and Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin!) They had the hits Radioactive and Satisfaction Guaranteed! Next up is a band called Damn Yankees which consisted of Tommy Shaw (Styx), Jack Blades (Night Ranger) and Ted Nugent! They had the hits High Enough and Coming Of Age! Third is The Traveling Wilbury's which consisted of Bob Dylan, George Harrison (The Beatles), Jeff Lynne (Electric Light Orchestra), Roy Orbison and Tom Petty (And The Heartbreakers!) They had the hits Handle With Care and End Of The Line! Last, there is The Power Station which had Robert Palmer, Tony Thompson (Chic) and John and Andy Taylor (Duran Duran!) They had the hits Some Like It Hot, Get It On (Bang A Gong) and Communication! So which Supergroup are you gonna pick? Rank them if you want! My rankings are as such: Traveling Wilbury's, Damn Yankees, The Power Station, The Firm! All are good though because most of the artists were mostly popular in the seventies! Imagine that? So now tell me your dirty little secrets about these bands! I'm all ears as the music has filled them!

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06/29/2020 13:33:50

Another array of great tunes...I especially enjoyed Duran Duran. What another flashback to the past -:)  Lisa

06/28/2020 07:15:35

these groups were around while I was busy being a wife, a mom, working a full time job, so I didn't hear too much sounds except when in the car...I don't remember any of their music, except for Duran Duran, and Dire Straits, however some of the song titles I do remember, just not who sang them..LOL I'm too old now I guess! I do love your surroundings, seeing that every evening, would help me release the stresses of the day....give it all to God and sleep well...

06/27/2020 05:18:57

Awesome! Some great 80's stuff! I agree with your rankings on the first round. Now the supergroups I rank The Firm before the Power Station.  It's ironic you posted 80's supergroups. Last night I was listening to another one. I bet you know of them too. GTR.

06/27/2020 00:33:48

I love the photos, especially the sunsets. You do live in a beautiful setting. We are reminded that, even though there is a lot of "rotten happenings" in our world, we still have the beauty of creation to admire, enjoy, and be thankful! Only our God in Heaven could come up with such splendor!

Enjoy your weekend, Allen!

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