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A little bit about rattlesnakes
Posted On 06/28/2020 12:17:35 by Buffalogal

A little bit about rattlesnakes

Reading about Texas Jane's rattlesnake bite  reminded me about how lucky I was long ago not to be bitten by such a snake.
After moving our family to Colorado from New York City, we began exploring the west. We had gone camping in Utah to a small campground that had various rock formations.
By that time I was already bitten by the rock hounding bug and was going about looking for interesting and colorful rocks.
I headed over to a small rock formation about 100 ft. from where we were camped, and circled around it.
On the other side there was a gap in the surface and I absentmindedly ran my hand in there.
What a dumb thing to do!
How lucky I was to not have a snake lurking in there but being a novice, I didn't know that.
Really never thought about it and being careful since snakes weren't something we worried about when living in New York City but they sure are out here, and something that I still needed to learn and respect.

If something like that would have happened, we were out in the desert and a hundred miles from any kind of medical help. There was also no such thing as cellphones and there wouldn't have been any reception had there been.

I actually did find some artifacts in that crevice, an arrowhead, a scraper and a thin bone drill, a tool possibly used for sewing a long time ago, but it also could have been a snake surprise.
Another time my husband and I went hunting for petrified wood in an area mentioned in one of my "where to find" books.
We drove into a sandy area, parked the truck and walked across a sandy wash and sure enough, there was black petrified wood lying around.
We each picked up a couple of pieces when suddenly in the stillness, I heard rattles.
I froze. My husband was a bit behind me and I said "don't go any further, there is a rattler near us".
The question was where?
We stood, not moving and kept looking and finally spotted the snake circling and shaking its tail under a rock overhang about 20 ft. away from us.
We backed out very slowly and left.
The heck with gathering more wood pieces, this was the snake's territory, not ours.


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07/06/2020 15:37:09

I have seen the real deal also and it is so true, once you have been in the presence of any type of snake, you never want to see it again.  Feels like your heart goes right up into your throat.  In my book the only good snake is a dead snake!  Glad you are ok and here to tell us about it.

07/04/2020 12:23:31

Enjoyed the story.  Once you have seen the real thing... any snake story is scary.  Glad you have remained safe.  

06/29/2020 05:36:28

Wow. Good idea to leave that territory to the rattler.

06/28/2020 22:48:38

I am fascinated with the personal stories about snakes, something that I've never even thought about. The only snakes that we have in our area are 'garter snakes', and they are harmless. My one personal encounter with one was on our family farm. When the harvest 'threshing crew' were working on our farm, my mother would prepare the main meal for the crew, and served in our kitchen. I remember asking one man in the crew why he was always flicking his finger on his shirt while he was eating. He told me that he was telling his friend to stay still, then opened his shirt and showed me his garter snake. He told us that the snake helped to keep him cool when working in the hot sun.

No thank you! I didn't want to try it!

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