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You've Got Great Expectations! I do! :)
Posted On 07/01/2020 23:38:48 by Allen

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  When the horses are ready for nite nite...it means that the sun brightly shines upon their ever ready pooping powers and they wink at us as if to say, oh what a relief it is! End of story! 

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  Worked for roughly 4 hours at work this morning! Then I worked another 4 hours on the yard when I got home! Came in the house now to cool off and want to enjoy another music post with you! Since it's hump day, I've decided to change things up a little! I'm gonna give you 4 of my favorite country albums! Can you see a 4 theme here? First I've got Steve Earle's Copperhead Road album! First album to be called "Power Twang" by Rolling Stone magazine! A combination of heavy metal and bluegrass! It had the popular played songs Copperhead Road, Snake Oil, The Devil's Right Hand and Johnny Come Lately! Next up is a legend, in my mind, the great Keith Whitley with his album called Don't Close Your Eyes! It had the hits Some Old Side Road, Don't Close Your Eyes, When You Say Nothing At All and I'm No Stranger To The Rain! Third up is a favorite debut album of mine by Travis Tritt called Country Club! It has the hits Country Club, Help Me Hold On, I'm Gonna Be Somebody, Put Some Drive In Your Country and Drift Off To Dream! Last, there is Joe Diffie, who just recently died, with the album titled Third Rock From The Sun! It had the hits Third Rock From The Sun, Pickup Man, So Help Me Girl, I'm In Love With A Capital "U" and That Road Not Taken! Now if this isn't solid country gold, I don't know what is? You know the drill! Pick your favorite artist or album, and rank them, if you would? I suppose you want my rankings? All are great music to my ears but if I had to pick, according to the albums, I'd go Steve Earle, Travis Tritt, Keith Whitley, Joe Diffie! Well, what are you waiting for? Give me yours! I'll pour you a drink afterwards!...lol 

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  Ok, I'm gonna go the complete osmosis of my last music post and go with the other gender! Country music never had it so good with these 4 female country artists! But they are some of my favorites! These albums made my day! Let's go right to Martina McBride's Wild Angels album with the hits Safe In the Arms Of Love, Wild Angels, Phones Are Ringin' All Over Town, Swingin' Doors and Cry On the Shoulder Of The Road! Next up is Mary Chapin Carpenter's Come On Come On album! It has the hits I Feel Lucky, Not Too Much To Ask, Passionate Kisses, The Hard Way, The Bug, He Thinks He'll Keep Her and I Take My Changes! 3rd up is Faith Hill's Take Me As I Am album! It has the hits Wild One, Piece Of My Heart, But I Will and Take Me As I Am! Last but not least is K.T. Oslin's album titled This Woman! It has the hits Money, Hold Me, Hey Bobby, This Woman and Didn't Expect It To Go Down This Way! So I think that is it! Rank them if you want? My rankings are as follows: Carpenter, Oslin, McBride, Hill! So do you have an opinion and want to rank them as well? Go for it! 

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07/06/2020 15:28:13

Beautiful pictures and some beautiful horses.  At least we can get outside in our own little worlds while this virus is going around.  You have, as always, a great selection of music Allen.  I actually have a CD by K.T. Oslin from back then.  Now  I enjoy Chris Stapleton.  He is my fave right now.

07/02/2020 19:02:15

KT Oslin    (Spell check)   -:)

07/02/2020 19:00:58

Didn't become interested in country music until the early 90's. So Travis Tritt is one that I vehemently remember..one hit after another churned from the airwaves then during his long career. Recently read his daughter has signed and will be releasing music soon. Martina McBride also relished the charts as strong. KT Olson, her song 80's ladies - is my absolute favorite. Keith Whitley sadly passed before his career had a chance to explode..my sis loved his music. Thanks for this blast from the past -:)

07/02/2020 06:05:28

your photo's are so beautiful and soothing to my soul...thank you Allen! I do like Faith Hill, Mary Chapin-Carpenter and Martina McBride, I don't recall K.T. Oslin's music right off hand....in the other group, we have seen Joe Diffy play, along with Rascal Flatts (before they were such a big deal) they were giving a free concert in a town in Ohio that we were in. 

07/02/2020 05:21:27

Btw. You've got some beautiful horses.

07/02/2020 05:18:19

As you know I'm not too much into country music but I must say you picked some gems. I love Steve Earle's Copperhead Road! There's nothing better than the beautiful voice of Martina McBribe.

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