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More Than Meets The Eye! And My Eyes Hurt! ;)
Posted On 07/08/2020 21:06:18 by Allen

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  I saw something rising in the distance! And there it was! Something trying to consume the sun, but to no avail! Another day will be brought to us tomorrow! The fake media has lost again! Another peaceful night will be consumed for those who take it! For those that fake it...you are lost forever! Heed the signs that will present itself upon you! Just saying!

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  Doing a music post for the late, great Charlie Daniels, who died July 6 at age 83! I grew up with his music and bought all of his albums. Here I am holding up 10 of his albums! To me he was a combination of country/rock and pop, if I were to describe his sound! He had a lot of hits including The Devil Went Down To Georgia, Long Haired Country Boy, Simple Man, Still In Saigon, The South's Gonna Do It Again, The Legend Of Wooley Swamp, Uneasy Rider, Drinkin' My Baby Goodbye, In America and so many more! If you have a favorite song or album by him...let me know! My first album that I bought by him was called Million Mile Reflections! And of course it had that big hit on it titled The Devil Went Down To Georgia! That came out in 1979! So that is probably my favorite? I love all his albums though! So it's hard to say? Rest In Peace Charlie Daniels! 

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07/11/2020 15:42:20

@ yourchoice, you crack me up lady bug. 

Nice post Allen as I also was so sad when I heard this on the News.  There was so much of his music I liked and he could flat do a good show.  I especially love, "Simple Man" and The Devil went down to Georgia.  RIP Charlie Daniels. 

07/10/2020 14:50:51

SURPRISE!!!!!  I know who Charlie Daniels is, and have even enjoyed his music and his talent. It may surprise you, but we were first introduced to his music on The Country Hall of Fame, and his music with Bill Gaither and and World Outreach Church. Small world!!!!!

As per usual, I love your photographs. Sorry to be late in recognizing your blog. Keep them coming!

07/09/2020 14:53:02

Charlie is surley heading up the band in heaven now.  Such a very special talent.

07/09/2020 13:28:31

A true legend no doubt. I didn't realize he was 83 either. Those pictures are simply breathtaking -:) Lisa

07/09/2020 06:01:22

it was another great loss of a very talented musician/singer when Charlie passed away.. I was surprised that he was 83!

I loved the pictures of the sun being gobbled up by the clouds! 

07/09/2020 04:33:33

The Devil Went Down To Georgia is also my favorite. He was so talented, he will be missed! RIP Charlie

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