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I guess this is HELLO!
Posted On 08/01/2020 22:35:22 by AllanWJanssen

Like it said in the title "I guess this is HELLO!

I would like to introduce myself and also explain why I am writting this first blog to everyone on "Not Over the Hill!

I started my working career as a D.J. on the Radio and then got sidetracked for about four decades working in the family business as a new car dealer. (My dad kept telling me to go out and get a "real" job selling cars!)

Now that I'm retired I went back to my first love and got a job as a consultant for several radio stations here in S.W. Ontario... and started my own web radio station that caters to boomers and Gen X's! (God only knows the Millenials have more than enough of their music [?] with the likes of Jack FM, Virgin Radio and a couple of dozen others!)

The reason I mention my web station is because music for us "not over the hill" types is in short supply on the radio/web and this is one of the few places you can hear music from the 70's to the 90's with a dash of 60's and 2000+ thrown in for good measure! (This is a non-commercial station with no advertising or promotions..... just great music which I would like to share with others!)

During the day the station is bright and lively (but with no hard rock, heavy metal, hip-hop or RAP!!!!!) JUST "LITE AND EASY"

Then in the evening and all night we tone down the songs to make the station warm and cozy with "Love Songs at Night!"

If you would like to hear what the station sounds like there is a link here:  http://s27.myradiostream.com:16694/listen.mp3 Like I said it's strictly non-commercial with no advertising or promotional stuff and the sole purpose of the station is to give us a taste of the music we grew up with!

Any comments would be appreciated and I hope I bring a smile to a few faces!

Allan W Janssen


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08/05/2020 07:53:40

I have saved your site on my desktop - to listen to it in the evening. The music is a bit to "happy" for my old ears, at 8 in the morning. I listen to our radio station,WJEJ 1250, during the day. There, the music is "Oldies but goodies" and easier as background music as I work around my small apt.  Thaks for telling of your career. I am certain my sons would relish your choices during the day.

08/03/2020 15:48:46

Very Cool,  Thanks For The Info !!!

08/02/2020 14:00:08

What a refreshing idea... and from a fellow Canadian!!!!! I will have more time later to listen to your radio stream. I love music ("real music") ... more about that on my profile page.

Welcome to NOTH... I hope you find your way around 'The Hill'. Don't be shy about asking for help if you get lost!!!

08/02/2020 12:44:40

Thanks so much...greatly needed now. Will certainly check'it out. Welcome to the Hill -:)

08/02/2020 08:26:51

Thank you for the link and the introduction.  I love to listen to good music.  Thank you for sharing.

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