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Never Forget
Posted On 09/11/2020 09:56:48 by Buffalogal

In 1983, my mother was very ill so my husband Jack and I flew to New Jersey to see her.

One of the days we were there we went across the river to New York City  for he had never been there.

I suggested going up in the Empire State building but they were charging a fee to do that. That must have been something new.

Instead we just wandered around and came by the World Trade Towers and decided to go up since they were built after I moved to Colorado and I never had been up on top. No fee to do that.

There was a restaurant on the 106th floor of one of the towers so we decided to go in. Jackets were required for men and Jack was in shirtsleeves so they loaned him one.

I remember we thought it was funny for the sleeves were too short for his long arms and the jacket was a bit tight on him.

They sat us at a table by a window so we could look down and I took a couple of photos that I have posted. That was before digital cameras. We each had a coffee as we looked down on the remarkable views from so high up.

On the morning of 9/11 one of my daughters called and said “do you have your TV on? A plane just flew against one of the Trade towers in N.Y.C.”.

I rushed to the TV and it came on just as one of the towers was crumbling to the ground.

I was so shocked, couldn’t believe my eyes, just sat there and cried.


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09/18/2020 20:03:36

I have never been to New York personally.  I have always kept up with what was going on there because... after all, it was New York.

I remember watching the news while getting ready for class in the teachers lounge at school.  All the teachers were dumbfounded.  We all sat there with our mouths open.  We were all late to class.  It was such a tragedy.  I think that is the cruelest thing in the world.  When nations are 'at war' they hit military things... not civilians.  Not innocent families.  That day opened our eyes to what was going in the Middle East.  I don't think I really paid much attention until that day.  I did not judge the muslims, I found myself judging the cruelty of the leaders that did such a profoundly evil thing.  So much saddness came from that day.  So many lives thrown away.  I am glad we remember it every year.  We need to.

09/17/2020 14:17:16

We saw it to, all the way from New Zealand. We watched in disbelief that such a thing could happen, and they kept showing it for days afterwards for the benefit of those who missed it the first time. This was no ordinary news, and our whole country was horrified and so sad for the victims and their families. I never forget that date because it was the birthday of a close friend.

09/11/2020 22:10:31

At the time, we had a clock radio that came on with the morning news. It was a normal newscast (I believe) but as we were getting breakfast we heard a "news flash". It didn't make any sense so we turned on our TV, and just in time to watch the second plane crash. Terrible... we recalled that morning together today. It is something that none of us will ever forget.
Thank you for posting your thoughts... to have had the experience of being in the tower on the 106th floor is something I've never even contemplated. WOW!

09/11/2020 21:12:05

It was such a horrible  day , we are having lunch with my family, my cousin  called us to put on our TV , to watched the bombing of the World Trade Center.   While we are watching we are shouting and cried to think of the people inside the building. One of my sister in Christ was working there but that day she's not feeling well , she dont go to work.  Thanks God saved her . May the souls of those bombing victims rest in peace. 

09/11/2020 18:58:43

I was sitting at my  work desk in Charlotte. A coworker screamed. Her cubicle was just a few feet from mine. We ended up leaving work a few hours later. My route home took me right behind the airport. It was so surreal. No planes flying anywhere. Even traffic was almost obsolete. Hard to believe it has been 19 years. Always remember-

09/11/2020 15:46:44

I'll never forget that day. My husband woke me up, saying a plane had just crashed into the World Trade Center. From then on, we watched the news all day--and saw the 2nd plane hit. We were stunned...just couldn't believe it, when the news of the other hijacked planes came. I think it was over a month later, that I learned that my nephew, who was in the Army and in Washington, DC at that time, was one of the soldiers who pulled bodies out of the rubble at the Pentagon.  

09/11/2020 13:41:45

It was a horrible day. I worked nightshift at the time and I had just gotten up and turned on the tv. I saw the towers burning and I wondered what was going on.Just a few minutes later the first tower came down. I was horrified.
We must never forget.

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