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Secrets of being Popular
Posted On 10/03/2020 13:20:26 by Cara_

Why are some people effortlessly popular and well liked? By contrast, other people, no matter how hard they try, never seem to be able to gain the same trust and respect. Even if we may not like to admit it, most people secretly crave the respect and admiration of other people. These are some factors which can lead to a natural popularity.

1. Don’t Try to Be Popular.

It is a mistake to try and become popular. When we seek to impress others and please them, it inevitably encourages us to offer false flattery and think about what they want us to do and say. When we behave like this our ego comes to the fore, and we hide our real self. This kind of behaviour may temporarily impress some people, but, in the long term it is not sustainable. We have to base friendship on being our natural self, and avoid extravagant attempts to rise in other people’s esteem.

2. Think of Others more than you think of your self.

People appreciate those who are considerate of others. If you only talk about yourself and your achievements, people will merely start to try and avoid you. We naturally respect people who are willing to spend time listening to others. This means offering goodwill to everyone, not just a select few who have a high social standing.

3. Be Your self.

It is a strain pretending to be someone you are not. When we seek to please others expectations there is an insincerity in our thought and actions, – people can soon see through this. If we learn to be content with who we are, we allow our natural spontaneity to come to the fore, this is what will naturally attract other people.

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10/04/2020 09:07:58

very true

10/04/2020 06:08:57

Thanks to all who left comments on my blog..Yes there is a saying...Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken ! 

10/03/2020 21:40:01

Great post.  This is wisdom that is seldom learned when we are young.  Good job.

10/03/2020 13:53:02

This is so true. Great post!

10/03/2020 13:40:32

Great blog! Great advice! 
Being popular is so fleeting... sort of an on again, off again state. 
Including 'others' in our lives gives us added experiences and delights that we often never expect. 
Being yourself... that way, we don't ever have to think about which "falsehood" we have to remember so they don't trip me up again!!!! 

I look forward to reading your next blog.

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