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The halloween Bedroom
Posted On 11/18/2020 00:25:33 by kiwibarb

I don’t do Halloween. It didn’t feature in our childhood. We had heard of it, but it was about as remote from our lives as ancient Greek mythology, and about as fascinating.
The New Zealand I grew up in was a pleasantly quiet country with very little crime and strict rules of behaviour and etiquette, and we got our celebration days from England, being under the British flag at the time. We still celebrate their Guy Fawkes, from the time a person of that name plotted to blow up Parliament. We need a few Guy Fawkeses around here at the moment, but I digress.

Halloween recently seeped into our lives from America, and while there is some degree of enthusiasm, many people have not taken to it. They see it as a threat to the elderly, who really are afraid of people knocking on their doors at night, and regard it as a lesson for the children in badgering, begging and bothering people. Yes, there really are people who see Halloween like that.

So how do I come to be telling about the time we encountered the Halloween Bedroom?
As musicians, Lyn and I often found ourselves a long way from home, and people often offered us accommodation for the night to save us having to travel home after playing music all evening.
We seldom accepted. We liked to get home, no matter how late it was. But one night we got talking to an elderly man whose conversation and past experiences interested us greatly, and when he said "Why bother to go home tonight, come to my place, stay the night, I’ve got a spare bed, and then we can continue this conversation later",we took him up on it.

We went to Ray’s place. Anything more like The Munsters house I have never seen outside of a TV. Cobwebs and more cobwebs, spiders and more spiders, and the Halloween Bedroom, which Ray used as a spare room for dumping everything, from empty egg cartons to most of his clothes and shoes.
The double bed occupied most of the floor space, and there were apple boxes stacked on their sides that served as bookcases, and shelves everywhere that also held books, enough to start a library. There were Ray’s clothes draped over every bit of “furniture” and about 6 inches of space around two sides of the bed. I let Lyn have the side that involved squeezing along the foot of the bed and along the far side.
A light hanging from the ceiling attracted some of the spiders, whose webs festooned the lampshade and its cord. A massive blanket-style cobweb draped itself from end to end of the ceiling. A real good Halloween cobweb, that was. I don’t think it was “alive” as we didn’t see any sign of the spider, only the dust that had collected in its threads for the last two centuries, so it seemed.
All the books on the high shelves were decorated with inhabited cobwebs, luckily just out of reach of my side of the bed. Large black spiders inhabited the window frames, as we discovered in the morning when we opened the drapes. Everywhere we moved, a cobweb had to be swept aside to allow passage. We felt that we understood what it must be like to live in The Munsters’ house, and dubbed our room The Halloween Bedroom. Luckily, we do not fear spiders. There is only one poisonous type of spider in New Zealand, the katipo, and I’ve never seen one in all my 78 years.
The Halloween Bedroom has entered our private archive of weird, strange, quaint, unusual and spectacular phenomena, an archive that provides memories, happiness, sadness, and material for blogs.

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11/19/2020 19:53:15

I could not have stayed in that room for sure.  Sad that your host did not realize what they were offering you.  Yikes!  Good story but I could never sleep in such a room.  That has nothing to do with Halloween, that has to do with SCARY and a good imagination.

11/19/2020 01:12:17

Like "Your Choice," I enjoyed the story.

11/18/2020 23:35:23

I'm glad it was you and Lynn who stayed in that Halloween Bedroom and not me. I'm not a fan of spiders (even if they are not poisonous) or cobwebs. 

I loved your story though... keep them coming!!!

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