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Guess I'm Old Fashioned
Posted On 01/09/2021 09:20:36 by Altara33606

I dislike 'texting'--it's just too hard with those tiny buttons on my cell phone! Now, it's ok if I can use my keyboard; but that only works when I use 'chat' at Facebook--or some other platform (like PMs here at NOTH).  My grown 'children' (now age 50+) seem to prefer texting to actually talking to people--I, personally, would rather 'speak' to someone!

I do love my computer. I've switched to laptops, which may seem silly since it never leaves my desk! But it was more economical. And I do have an iPad, which I mainly use for reading, games, & quick check-ins here at NOTH; but I don't use it for anything more complicated; again, it's too hard to 'type' on it. But I'm not interested in more fancy electronics.  I've learned to do a lot on my computer, and don't see the need for anything fancier. 

As for my cell phone, my daughter got them for us and put them on her account. They're simple: just for talking, texting--and taking pictures, which I rarely do.  If I want to take photos, I use a real camera! Maybe that's unusual these days; but it's much more reliable, easier to 'see' the pictures, and if I decide I want to print out a photo, I know they'll be 'better'. 

We mainly use the cell phones to keep in touch with each other when one of us goes out to 'shop'. Or now, of course, when we get to a doctor's office & need to 'call in' to let them know we're in the parking lot!  We started out using the cell phones to talk to our daughter, who lives in another county; however...we now have unlimited time on our ATT account so we use the house phone (landline), which is a lot easier to use!  There's no chance of an accidental 'hitting the wrong button' & ending the call!

I get  frustrated when my daughter or son sends me a 'picture' via the phone because I am not able to see 'details' on the tiny screen. So I have to 'move' it to the 'card', then take the card out, put the card into the slot on the laptop, move it to the laptop and then open it to 'see' it. If they want to 'send' me a photo, I'd prefer they do it by email--which is much easier to see. 

So, I'm quite happy being a bit Old Fashioned!


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01/12/2021 04:11:02

I totally agree Dianne.  I remember when it became apparent that we couldn't "keep up" unless we had a smart phone.  It's been a love hate relationship with it from the beginning.  I've gotten used to texting but my daughter will not get back right away and I worry.

01/10/2021 13:08:01

I'm old fshioned too, and with all the stuff you do for NOTH it's a good idea to work the way you do. I hate laptops and have never tried anything else except the tablet I bought, andnow have to pay someone to show me how to use it. I prefer my PC. I like keyboard and mouse better than swipe and tap, particularly when swipe is sometimes impossible to open the tablet with. Recently my tablet told me I had Finshed the email I had only just begun. I don't get my PC deciding when i'm finished. I probably hit the wrong button, and I'm likely to do it again. You don't get rubbish like that if you're old fahioned. I'm getting OE Classic soon and will do my emails on that. And I will decide when I'm finished.

01/10/2021 04:51:15

It took me awhile to get the hang of texting but I do it pretty well now. Seems our kids would rather text than call. Yep I'm a little old fashioned too.

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