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Reality Shows
Posted On 01/09/2021 10:21:18 by Altara33606

I always said I hate reality shows; and in general, that's true. I definitely do not like/watch "singing/dancing/talent" shows.

However, I do have a few shows that I enjoy watching, like Below Deck (original & Mediterranean). And over the years, I've watched some 'cooking' shows--mainly things like Kids Baking Championship, or 'holiday' competitions, etc. And I've watched several of Gordon Ramsey's shows.

And just last night I watched a new episode of Restaurant Impossible. (Actually, I once ate at a local restaurant that had been 'redone' by this man; we enjoyed the food & in general thought they did a good job, although I saw a couple of minor 'problems' that should have been addressed--like a window sill that needed to be redone; I assume they ran out of cash to fix everything!)

Well, recently, I read an article that debunked many of the 'reality' shows.  I had never heard of most of them, but a few that I've watched were listed as being totally 'scripted'. Example: the ones where people are deciding between looking for a new home or renovating & another show where people were deciding between several 'new homes. I'd actually gotten tired of those anyway & already stopped watching. 

So...in general, I can still say I'm not a true fan of 'reality' shows. 


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01/12/2021 03:30:13

Dianne;  I love a show called "The repair shop".  It's filmed in England.  People bring beloved items to them for repair.  The work they do is amazing.  You would never believe the change.  They look just like new.  I admit to liking Survivor and Bachelor though they get redundant after a while.

01/10/2021 04:48:21

I'm with you. I don't care for reality shows. It doesn't surprise me since you said it that many are scripted.

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