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When need demands
Posted On 01/13/2021 01:10:42 by kiwibarb

I was elated to receive one of my online purchases, and my dughter was here helping me to put everything away, and I didn't have a care in the world. WRONG! I went to the fridge to get a drink and there wasn't any. I had forgotten to give my daughter the shopping list.
   I knew she wouldn't be back until tomorrow, and nobody else would be here, so my options were Go myself to the supermrket or go without. 
   Yes, I have a mobility scooter called Runabout, which hasn't been up the street for 6 months, and wasn't sure if my eyes were good enough to see where I was going. But I knew the way, I used to go there once a week to do my own shopping, and the shop  was close enough to walk there in 4 minutes. But I can't walk. Did I want to go without drinks all day and probably all tomorrow as well? 
   I took Runabout out of the garage, and proceeded out the gate and at the first house I remembered to take a bag, so back home we went and got one of those big heavy plastic bags, I wasn't doing the shopping, only getting three large drink bottles. Back on Runabout I perceived that the wind was quite strong, and I was wearing one of those caps that silly people wear back to front, and it had been blown off before, so back home to get a proper hat that tied on.
    Couldn't find it. Thought it was hanging up in the garage but it wasn't there. Must have taken it inside. The cupboard it was in was too high for me to reach, and I can't get up on a chair, so I took the footstool from my office, got the cupboard open and the hat out, and off we went again to the suupermarket where it was rather diffcult to find somewhere to leave Runabout. I found a spot near the entrance door, took the plastic bag out of Runabout's basket, it tipped upside down and scattered four smaller bags onto the floor, locked Runabout and went to get my drinks.
   The bottles of drink were fairly heavy and I was struggling with those,and my purse, when thankfully along came a staff member who used to always serve me in the old days, and she did the transaction and then escorted me outside  to Runabout. There was a stand containing small potted plants and a lady was messing around picking one up and then another, and her trolley was on an angle which prevented me from riding out. Fortunately Runabout is very easy to manouever and I'm very experienced at it, so my progress wasn't delayed. The entire journey which I thought might be fraught with danger was in fact a piece of cake. As I sit here typing I have a drink beside me. And that is the kind of thing that elderly disabled ladies are likely to encounter. Perfectly safe if thoughtfully planned. It's great to be independant. I must try it more often.

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01/13/2021 19:35:12

It's great to be independant. I must try it more often.

yeah,sometimes loved ones are so concerned  for you that you need to reassert youself.  Often, when I do simple things and  Paul wants to take over, I hve to keep my temper under control but day I love him but survived almost 35 years without him so I  think I'm still able to figure it ou.  Not easy when you have a hubby that kept you on a pedestal since you married.  Enjoyed your story.

01/13/2021 16:53:11

I love hearing of this experience... we need to remember to say, "Thank you, but I'll do it myself!" as often as we can. Ingenuity is a helpful approach, and I'm thinking that you may be 'out and about' more often when the weather is suitable. At least you won't have any snow to deal with!!!!!

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