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Reposting: View from an Old Timer here
Posted On 01/17/2021 09:56:54 by Altara33606

This is an edited/updated version of a Blog I posted in 2019:

Good morning, all.  I've now been a member here for almost 13 years!  Wow. Hard to believe. When NOTH first started, all I knew about Cloudeight was its Stationery and newsletter.  I learned about the Hill from the newsletter--and joined only 6 weeks after NOTH was formed.  The best thing I've ever done online!   I've learned so much from them.  

One of the  first things I do in the morning is open my NOTH account.  Since Admin is busy with a full time job & other Cloudeight duties, as Staff I'm the 'middle person'--I take complaints & either do something about them or pass it on to Admin, etc.  It's my 'job' to remind people of the Rules here. 

What I have always liked about the Hill is that we can  be 'ourselves'. Yes, at some point, I did try a competitive site. Not only was it 'impersonal', but it was rather risque--definitely not for me.    NOTH is a 'family site'. We have members' grandchildren also 'visiting' and some even have accounts here.  And our median age is maybe in the 70. Or higher, lol. (Just guessing!)  

As I posted in a Bulletin: with me, what you see is what you get.  I see no reason to hide who I am. 

My name is Dianne...which all the 'old timers' know; and I usually put Altara/Dianne on my 'sigs' (signature tags).   Even though I don't "take" a very good photo, I almost always use my picture as my Profile Pic.  Of course, since I have other pages as well, I sometimes use an 'avatar' there, just to be different, lol.   It's fine if you prefer an Avatar; but I don't.  I like to know 'who' I'm friends with, who I'm talking to, etc.    When I answer forum posts, it's nice to be able to use a 'real' first name--so that people realize I do "know" them. 

My personal preference is an open page where everyone can leave a comment; however, I've had to monitor that because some people simply don't pay attention to what we've 'suggested' over the years.   Most of us 'old timers' prefer maybe 1 graphic per comment (yes, even those like me who really love graphics!)--and 'smaller' (not HUGE) graphics, which stretch out a person's page if they aren't using the 'limit code'.   While I appreciate all comments, I still prefer a 'limit'.   Some of us (not me, lol) even prefer a private message, rather than a bunch of graphics on our page.  And many of us now use Bulletins rather than leaving individual comments.  

I  believe our actual 'oldest' member is now  99 years old! That's amazing. She actually joined NOTH about 8 days before I did--so she's one of the Originals.  Now, this doesn't include people who 'say' they are over 100, lol.  I'm going by 'real age'. 

Now, anyone who has looked at either of my pages will see that I 'limit' friends.  I wish I had time/energy to visit each friend daily & leave a comment; but between health problems, other 'real life' things,  & all I do here, I just can't.  That's why it's extremely rare for me to add 'friends', on either page.  

Important PS--I do recommend not putting the names & ages of all your children/grandchildren on your page! Or going into detail about all of your life experiences. But otherwise, I see no problem in listing your 'likes, hobbies', etc.   I look at things like that, to decide who to invite to different groups. I made a 'graphic' that shows my basic info: 2 kids, 3 grandkids, and my main hobbies.   In order for anyone outside of NOTH to 'see' your info, they'd have to do a 'search' for your username. So it's not very likely to happen by 'chance'. 


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01/26/2021 23:59:13

Thanks for reposting this Dianne.  I also feel like you do about the pictures instead of avatar.  I was on a place called EONS and they just peaced out.  Everyone was scrammbling to find a place and that's when I found NOTH.  The more time I spend here the more I like it.  Good job.

01/18/2021 04:45:47

You have been here for a long time. When you joined NOTH I had never heard of it at all. I was still on the site called Yahoo360 which probably was on it's way to close. When it did I followed a lot of my friends to the site Multiply.

01/17/2021 18:45:24

I joined mid 2008..where does the time go? Have been doing some online work for a global company, but it's just a little spending money  in the end..after a few months..but do enjoy the work. How long after joining here did you become an admin? Just curious..

01/17/2021 13:29:25

Dianne, I am so glad that you posted/reposted this blog; I couldn't say it any better. I'm also an 'old-timer', having joined NOTH about the same time that you did. I love being a 'HELPER' wherever I can, and have developed many friendships over the years. We may never meet in person, but 'cyber' friends are a gift too.

I hope you figure out where to post this blog so many more here on 'The Hill' will be able to read it. It has a lot of important information in it.

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