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Talking On The Phone
Posted On 03/28/2021 14:53:56 by happygirl44

This story I am about to tell, happened in the 90's. When I was still working at Zimmer,an Orthopedic factory, I started work at 10am. Many mornings I would do laundry or cooking or running the sweeper before leaving for work. Well, one morning I was cooking soup beans, had them really cooking fast!! I called my cousin Gerri, who lives in Plymouth. We were chatting away that morning, and suddenly, I loss her!! I kept calling her name! My phone back then hung on the wall beside the frig. I walked back to the stove and low and behold! The phone wire was under the flame of my bean pot!! Of course the wire was burned in two!! At the same time my cousin kept trying to call me, no Shirley! I wa standing there with the phone in one hand and the burnt wire in the other!! Never a dull moment around here!

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04/04/2021 08:15:24

Oh Mona, I can realte to your old pre-dail age phone. Where I lived in Kansas we didn't get the dial phone until 1970. Well those were the days of party lines. I even remember the two phone numbers we had 5F13 and later when we moved when I was 12 it was 8F12. F stood for "farm" and the number infront stood for the line number like farmline 5 or farmline 8. You could call anyone on your on farmline by a combonation of longs and shorts. for instance in 5F13 it was one long ring by going around on the handle and 2 short rings. then there would 5F20 would only be two long rings. or 5F04 would be 4 short rings etc. therefore everyone on your line knew who was calling everyone on the line. Of course everyone in the community knew everyone else too.This indeed lead to a lot of nosie people picking up the phone to listen in to the call. The more that would pick up the harder it was for the caller to hear the person they called and vise versa. When we lived on the 5F line, This one day My mom's friend (Halie) called my Mom and pertty soon there were others on the line too so that Mom and Halie could hardly hear themselves well it got so bad that one of the neighbors who was supposed to not be on the line in first place was listening in to hear the latest gossip. She got so ingrossed in Mom and Halie's conversation that soon she yelled in the phone "Speak up I can't hear you." :) We all knew who that was too. Oh yes those were the days. One thing about those good old party lines was everyone knew their neighbors. IF only one person was on the line listening it wasn't so bad but if a bunch of them were the line became filled with stact and one could hardly hear. If you wanted to go to another line other than your own you had to go through the operator. that was one long ring. but they used the same thing for that persons phone so then the other line would all pick up.

04/03/2021 19:03:08

Takes me back to the time we had party lines.  I caught my grandmother just listening on the phone.  She was not talking and shooshed me so no one would know she was listening.  Those were also the same ladies she would demand get off the line so she could make a call.

03/30/2021 18:12:31

Great blog... I totally understand what you are talking about, our phone was on the wall in our kitchen too, except it was on the opposite side of the entrance to the kitchen from our stove. I don't think we ever thought that it would be normal to be seated to talk on the phone... just lean against the wall while talking. I also remember the little shelf below the phone that would have a pad of paper and a pencil, to write down notes, and the telephone directory hanging on a hook on the shelf. When the 'push-buttons' came on the new phone, that was our "smart" phone. How things have changed.

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