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Age and 'social media'
Posted On 07/28/2021 07:49:38 by Altara33606

It's obvious that different generations view social media and 'electronic devices' differently. I've often commented that younger generations seem 'attached', almost physically, to their smart phones. They feel they 'must' answer every single 'beep' signalling a text--even if it's just a 'news' item. Personally, if my simple cell phone doesn't 'say' a name I'm familiar with, I ignore it. I don't 'rush' to see what it is. It will still be there when I get around to looking at it--and to be honest, it's mostly 'spam' anyway.  

A few years ago, I saw a young couple with a small child in a restaurant; they were apparently waiting for 'take out'.  They didn't even take the child's coat off, but they gave her something to snack on as they waited; and the two adults spent the entire time 'texting'--not one word to the child, who appeared maybe 3 or 4 yrs old--or even to each other, actually. I will never forget seeing that.  

As for me personally, during a holiday meal, I had to actually say: no phones at the table! No, I don't want/need a smart phone. I have a cell phone, courtesy of my daughter, which I mainly carry with me whenever I'm away from home--in case of emergency. Otherwise, it sits here on my desk. Family knows to always try the house phone first, but if I hear their name I will answer the cell phone. 

As for social media, my generation--sadly, now possibly considered 'elderly'--often sees this as our 'window to the world'.  Many of us have physical disabilities that limit our mobility.  Maybe we can't physically get out and about. Please don't say 'old age is easy' until you reach at least 70+ years old.  And if you are older than that and still have your mobility, please don't take it for granted! 

Only 5 years ago, I was able to walk without 'hobbling' or pain. I could go up and down steps without using a 'railing' for support.  And I could sit here all day without pain!  Now, sitting too long irritates my arthritic  back.  I won't bore you with details of all my health problems. Suffice it to say, a trip 'out' grocery shopping takes me a day to recover. 

But, still, I'm glad that I am able to 'visit' my online friends, 'see' so much of the world through my computer, and still have my mental faculty.  I keep 'busy' with writing, making graphics, and helping others learn about computers via our computer group.   I feel that as long as my mind/brain is active, I am all right. Ok, so I am 73 now; I 'feel' much younger  (except for the physical, of course). 


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08/13/2021 00:09:40

The modern  technology , like using of cellphone helped me a lot. Through email, calls and texting, I can communicate with my clients and just a minute or an  hour  , they responded immediately and the transcation was done pretty awesome. But using of cellphone is limited . " When cell phone use becomes an addiction, the behavior becomes stressful”.

07/30/2021 06:04:11

Social media is a complicated thing, especially during a worldwide pandemic where connecting w others online is important now more than ever, so we all have to navigate it in the way that works best for each of us -just saying. 

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07/29/2021 05:40:33

It's amazing how different generations view social media. As I say often. Technology is a blessing and a curse too. I've seen just what you have with people glued to their phones. What scares me most is the ones who do so while driving. For me social media is a window into the world that we didn't have before technoogy gave us the devices of today.
I want to add what my boss used to say. "Getting old isn't for sissies".

07/28/2021 08:49:53

I agree, so many people are glued to their phone, almost literally.  A
local chiropractor does advice segments on my morning news and he said
they actually are seeing more people with neck and shoulder problems at
his practice and it's directly related to his patients staring down at
their phone screens for hours each day.  As for needing a stair railing,
I'm already there, thanks to foot surgery and mobility issues with that
same foot.  I like the no phones at the table idea for holiday
gatherings and plan to do the same thing with my family. 

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