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Small Kitchen Appliances-& Star Trek
Posted On 08/28/2021 09:20:21 by Altara33606

Sometime last year, I pitched our old 'deep fryer'. I  decided that not only was it 'done for', but it wasn't worthwhile replacing it. Deep fried food simply is not good for you. And  I actually hadn't used it much once we got the toaster oven--which was  probably a few years ago now, though I don't remember exactly. 

Now, instead of using the regular oven, we use the toaster oven whenever possible--and more recently, occasionally the air fryer. I know that's even better to use; but I just can't get used to it. The toaster oven is so easy to use!  When our old 4 slice toaster quit,  I decided just not to bother getting a new one--so we now use the toaster oven for that as well.

There's a funny story attached to the toaster oven.  If you've ever seen the movie Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home, you'll remember the scene where they landed in Golden Gate Park--and we hear the garbage man make a wisecrack about not spending $40 on a #@# toaster oven!   

I always laugh when I see that scene because at the time the movie came out, I really did want one! And my husband felt the same way as the guy in Star Trek: not about to spend $40 on one!  Years later, when I finally got one, I'm pretty sure the price was down: I'm thinking either $20 or $30--though I don't remember for sure.

It's not a fancy one, but it works great.  And yes...it's used daily! It's definitely worth the price we paid. 


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09/13/2021 12:22:53

Ha ha, thats cool Altara.  I have a Ninja Foodi.  Don't ask me if I like it.  Its a like & hate machine.  

08/29/2021 05:14:36

I don't have a toaster oven but I do recall that scene in the Star Trek movie. That's great you ditched the deep fryer.

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