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Personal Log
Posted On 09/05/2021 09:19:07 by diffuser

Was everything as good in the past as we think?  Once again I am watching an old movie, this time on the show with Svengoolie.  He has all those old horror movies.  The trouble is they do not seem as good as when I watched them the first time.  And not to get sidetracked, but watching Svengoolie rate the shows give us the impression of torture.  Fortunately I record everything on DVR so I can get past that part of it.  I had not watched it in a while but last night there was nothing better to record and so I did.  WAR OF THE COLOSSAL BEAST.  Apparently this is a sequel to a first movie.  And of course there are things in it that differ with the first movie.  In the first one, a colossal man had no relatives.  In this one he has a sister.  At the beginning of the movie there is some gentleman who has lost his truck and continues to use phrases, GET THE PICTURE.  I had not heard that in a million years and it was used extensively.  And many other phrases are much the same.  This brings me back to thinking how things were the first time we watched and when we were children.  I say to you, NO!  I am still watching the movie as it was too much to watch all in one sitting.  And of course, this is not a classic movie with Michael Rennie in THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL.  However, this is the next thing to doing penance during Lent.  I just thought I would write an op ed on this and leave it to your imagination to think back and determine whether things were really that good in the past.  I went back on the internet and looked at all of my houses I ever lived in and none of them are really like I remember.  Good luck.  Postscript: I looked at the thermostat for the furnace and it says to set the clock. I hope there is not a problem with that as it never said that before, and..........the old type of thermostats never had to do that.

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