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Paper Dolls and Barbies
Posted On 09/09/2021 10:36:46 by Altara33606

   I just saw a cute 'memory' on FB that sure brought back memories: paper dolls! I can even remember 'which' ones I had--well, some of them. I remember Ann Sothern, and the Lennon Sisters. I know there were more, but that's what I thought of just now. 


Oh, yes...and I had a Barbie doll (yes, just one!!) when I was about 12.  Mine was 'blonde'; my sister had one with dark hair. I think that was the only choice we had. We made clothes for them since we couldn't afford to actually buy more than 1 or 2 outfits.   I remember using Kleenex for 'furniture'; one folded length-wise made a 'couch'.  Boy, when 'we kids' had imaginations.

When I was baby-sitting (in the 90's & later), I knew 3 yr olds who had half a dozen Barbie dolls. I found that very strange!! And of course, being that young, the first thing they did was take off the doll clothes. And they carried Barbie around by the hair! I had to wonder what the parents were thinking. I sure didn't think that was an appropriate choice. 

Of course, these same parents said to let the older kid play with a 'new' toy until they got tired of it.  Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but if I were going to spend a lot of money on a video game, I'd want it to 'last' a while. 

 Yes, different generations have different ideas.  But it does make you wonder about some parents. 


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09/09/2021 13:53:57

Barbie dolls are still around. I saw an article somewhere about them and it had pics of the original Barbie and pics of the changes throough the years. I remember my niece had all kinds of Barbie stuff when she was little.
As you guess I had a G.I. Joe when I was a kid. I even had the footlocker you could put him im along with some accessories. I did get one outfit that was made to use with the G.I. Joe made by another company. It was a Superman outfit and had a mask you could slide over the head that looked like Superman did at the current time.
You're right with what you said. "Different generations have different ideas." Yes it makes me wonder too about some parents.

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