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"Google it!"
Posted On 09/28/2021 09:46:47 by Altara33606

I'm constantly saying: Google it! Do you say that? And do you 'do' that--use Google to search for things? In the past, yes, I used Google a lot. Probably daily. However, I've recently changed to Duck, Duck, Go as my search engine. But I still tend to tell people to 'google' whatever it is. 

I think 'google' has become the generic term for search engines--just like 'kleenex' is generic for any tissue.  I use Puffs--have for many years. But I still catch myself asking for 'kleenex' at times. 

I think it's the same thing for Coke. I don't know for sure, but I believe Coca-Cola might have been the first popular soft drink. My mom loved it; on the other hand, Grandma showed me that 'coke' could clean rust off an old child's 'highchair'!  Personally, once I tasted Pepsi, I decided I liked it better than Coke.

Of course, brings up the question: what do you call Coke, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, etc? I say soft drink.  But that's off topic! 


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10/11/2021 06:26:08

Google it is no assurance of correctness

10/02/2021 18:40:15

When I was growing up, you were asked what kind of coke you wanted. It was like some saying soda or pop. Then there are regional differences. In the south a sweet tea is iced tea. If you want no sugar you ask for unsweet tea. In the west if you ask for sweet tea they're gonna look at you like you're slow and point to the sugar. Then they'll bring you a cup of hot water and a tea bag.

09/29/2021 05:02:48

I say Google it all the time and yes I use it a lot. For one that is where I find the images I use to post in the guestbook.
When I was a lot younger I used to drink Coke. Later I switched to Pepsi. Since I retired it is very rare that I have either one. I use their names because when you go out to eat and you order, you'll find that wherever you are has one and not both.
I do the same with kleenex. I say it but it's a different tissue I'm actually using.

09/28/2021 18:26:24

I quit using Google many months ago. There are several other search engines I prefer as well. Dogpile is one, as well as yahoo. Google has become too big for their britches, and mainly they are a huge marketing entity. A monopoly that has taken over too much of the world..yet advertising is what keeps the world spinning, or so it seems.

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