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An old blog, 'retro'!
Posted On 04/29/2022 19:36:56 by Tarlia



 Once upon a time…. When the world was young, and so were we…. The family packed up everything in sight, and moved to the coast! I was about 10 at the time. It was the most exciting thing you could imagine.  Going from a small house and shifting to a large, 4 bedroom home, with a huge glassed in front veranda, and the breakfast room at the back of the house, with a 360 glass in surround, so that you could see forever outside.  The yard itself was small enough, but our next-door neighbour had a lush, and simply gorgeous garden, filled with delightful green ferns pines and vegetation, populated with glorious flowers. This was visible, and a very pretty sight it was.  The dividing fence opened up a view of a huge backyard area, that came with the house.

A separate garage which became my teen brother’s ‘hang out’ where he’d practice morning, noon and night, beautiful classical guitar. It was these wonderful pieces of music that inspired me to play classical guitar myself…which sparked a long love affair with it, as I began teaching myself some of the pieces I could hear him playing. I did not know it at the time, but my father, who was a producer dealing with recording orchestras, tv shows, and radio, told me after hearing me sing, that I had ‘perfect pitch’ and an ‘ear’ for music.  This was how come I could hear something, and then go away and play it. I taught myself some beautiful classical music on my own guitar, which I adored….

Another aspect of this move to the coast was…the seaside. Oh my gosh. It was a mere 10 minute walk to the coastal beach and ocean pool area. We all became regular swimmers, and I found that I was a mermaid in a way, being able to dive and swim underwater for ages, and becoming very brave indeed, swimming in Shark Alley, a section of the surfing area where boardriders came on good days, I recall once swimming so far out that I gave myself a big fright, when I saw a small fishing boat! Upon turning about, I saw that what appeared to be miniature people were in fact those who were on the beach! I rushed to catch waves back into the shore, but all in all, it was a great adventure, and I lived to tell the tale too! In fact, I never once saw a shark!

Our dog, who was bid in no uncertain terms, to ‘stay’ due to the law about ‘no dogs allowed’ at the park and beach area, would become crestfallen, whenever we went off in pursuit of our new occupation. She’d wait till she thought we were out of sight, then tail slunk down she’d sneak out the gate, and gingerly plod down the footpath behind us, careful to keep enough distance. Only we knew she was there.. if you checked behind you slowing down a pace, you’d see a curved question-mark kind of shape, peeking out behind a bush, or hedge! She’d do this all the way down to the road leading to the beach.  

Once we were on the beach, by a series of stealth-like moves, she’d “show up” at the beach where she’d proceed to inspect each and every pot hole with sea life and salt water. If Mother was snorkelling along the coast, looking for abalone, etc, the dog would cock up her ears, and rush along with worried eyes, seeking Mother with every intense intention to somehow protect her, come what may. Believe me, it was a delightful sight!  Dog and Master; unknowingly at one with the other!

Here is an old photo of 4 of the 5 children who were at that very same beach I am talking about. Mother took the shot, and I can see by my stance, facing the ocean, wandering gaze, I had no thought of the camera!  Beside me are my sisters, and behind us, Nick, my dear, and beloved brother. From the looks of us, I’d say that photo was taken not long after we moved to the coast, judging by our size and ages.  We ended up living there for some 7 or 8 years, upon which time we had an emergency which involved having to let go out precious house, and move closer to the city. 

Thank heaven we ended up on another area of coastline; Bondi. Once again, it was a ten minute stroll to the top end of one of Sydney’s best loved beaches at the time. I was not a mermaid when we lived there, but loved to walk along the promenade and attend concerts there, after the big City to Surf race, once a year.



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05/16/2022 18:59:59

Dear Altara3 . . . thanks indeed for your pleasant reply on my post.  We had the best of good luck, when we moved to the coast - it sure made life a lot more FUN..... love from Tarlia

05/16/2022 18:58:22

Dear Nightfall.... it was a mix of all the things that happen in life but with the bonus of living on the coast!! It was my ultimate buzz when I found I could play the guitar by ear!!!

04/30/2022 05:01:55

What a wonderful way to grow up! Awesome you play classical guitar!

04/29/2022 22:10:35

Thanks for sharing your memories. It sounds like you had a lot of good times at 'beaches'.  

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