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Juno and AOL email
Posted On 06/06/2022 11:57:33 by Altara33606

In cleaning out some files, I found a list of my 'first' email address and contact list. I had completely forgotten about this: juno.com   

  Apparently, it's still around--but no longer 'free' and I guess it was mainly used when we all had 'dial-up' internet. I'm not sure now 'who' would use it.

That also reminded me that some of my first online friends used AOL.  So I did quick search: yes, that one is also still around. It's now 'free'.  However, most of my friends now use Gmail--it's safe, secure, and easy to use. And of course Cloudeight recommends it! (I call TC and EB my 'computer gurus'!)

Of course, many more just use their official ISP email addresses--some don't realize they can have more than one & think they 'must' use it.

I was just wondering what email accounts others use now. I know some who have Yahoo (though I stopped recommending it years ago due to all their security problems). Others use just their ISP: ATT, etc.   My brother-in-law used his ISP--earthlink--until recently. He's now gone to Gmail, too. I set my husband up with our ISP--ATT; but he doesn't do email, so it's just for 'official' ISP things. Recently, when setting up our new smartphones, our daughter had to get him a Google account to use with it. And I have an Outlook account, too.

  Others that I 'found' when looking at that old address sheet: peoplepc, hotmail, netscape, consolidated, and i-star.    No: I'm not asking you to post your email address! Just 'wondering' about 'which' accounts you mostly use.  I have: 3 Gmail & 1 Outlook--and Proton, which was a 'test' & will probably be deleted. And I keep an eye on my husband's ATT account. 


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06/15/2022 16:15:43

I have gmail and Carolina accounts..yahoo account I deleted many years ago. My husband uses gmail and outlook. Way back when, mid 90's, he had an AOL account..

06/09/2022 21:34:26

I have four Gmail accounts... to separate our business and personal emails. I also have to keep an eye on my hubby's email because he's not much for computers. 
Great blog... good and interesting information!

06/07/2022 04:56:09

I don't remember juno. I did use AOL at one time. Now I regularly use Yahoo and Gmail.

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