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It’s not goodbye..but see you later~
Posted On 11/02/2022 20:57:28 by momtocam

So a few days ago, I learned that The Banner News would be ceasing publication. At first I was taken by surprise, yet at the same time, my inner being reminded me that with endings come new beginnings. I’ve witnessed this many times in my life.

I’ve churned out roughly 40 articles here, give or take, over the last 18 months. Where did the time go? Each time I sat down to begin writing another article, the words always flowed with such ease. There was always a thought, memory, or just a mere comment from someone or something that would push my brain into gear. 

Goodbyes teach us to value what we have. Life is indeed a rollercoaster. Goodbyes also teach us to not take anything for granted. If everything were to remain the same, maybe we wouldn’t learn to value those around us. Connection and reflection have become two very important thoughts for me this past week. 

Although leaving is discouraging, it does open up my eyes to the many blessings in my life…both of the past and future…as they say (The Best is yet to come)..so with this, I’ll keep writing, and who knows, maybe just show up locally somewhere else. Time will tell.

I will keep writing. It’s something I’ve done now for over 42 years…off and on. It’s a very important part of my life. I’ve enjoyed discovering that there have been many out there that have received a blessing from my writings…for they’ve told me so. A phone call, a note in the mail, or a sweet comment in the midst of a conversation. That’s why I will press on.

Just take heart in knowing that as much as goodbyes can be hard, our lives will carry on. A new door will open. It always has for me.

“Never say goodbye because saying goodbye means going away, and going away means forgetting."

Peace and Blessings.

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01/07/2023 10:42:47

Thanks ... Till we meet again ... "A Reason, A Season, A Lifetime"

11/12/2022 17:53:25

A nice good bye to your newpaper, Lisa.  But for here on NOTH, we'll look forward to your writings for a long time to come.  


11/03/2022 04:54:26

You said it best right away. It may be a goodbye for now but surely there is a ne beginning. I believe you'll be writing articles for another publication very soon.

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