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Collecting Recipes
Posted On 11/07/2022 11:56:09 by Altara33606


I have a habit of 'saving' recipes that sound delicious.  In the old days, I had an actual cardboard box full of recipes I'd cut out of the newspaper! And before that, I'd "handwritten" some; that was in the 70's when 'poke cakes' were so popular. I must have had a dozen of those recipes! Some had jello 'poured' into them, others had pudding.

 Later, I scanned my favorite recipes into the computer, so that I now have a large folder of them; that folder is now mainly comprised of online recipes.  But it does still contain many of my 'old' recipes.   

Now, that probably sounds normal to many people. However--I hardly ever actually "cook/bake" any more! I have maybe 4 recipes that I actually use now. Yet, I can't resist saving/copying a new recipe that sounds delicious!

Just this morning, I 'almost' saved a recipe for a cake that I would love to eat: however, I can't actually see myself "baking" it--since it's a very compex recipe! So...what I finally decided to do is 'save' the photo--and possibly use it sometime when I want do do a theme page on 'favorite foods', etc. 

As for what I actually do cook/bake from scratch:

the family recipe for homemade spaghetti sauce,

Roast Beef with potatoes and carrots,

Swiss Steak,

and two kinds of cookies.  


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11/12/2022 15:39:51

I'm a saver of online recipes too Altara.  I have two big 3 ring binders of them and lots of loose papers hanging out in the also.  The ones I use most often I put in front and I have tried to put different meats altogether and desserts etc.  But they still aren't all done.  I just ran several recipes off the other day and am making one tomorrow for our domino group.  I have some recipes that are at least 20 years old and use them still today.  it's not too often that I open a recipe book but I still like going thru them and buying them.  I guess I'm a hopeless fool for looking for and making different kinds of foods.  You aren't alone!

11/08/2022 05:14:05

My mom had most of her recipes on index cards but she too had ones she cut out of the newspaper. Slowly I'm trying her recipes. However I'm not good at baking cakes etc.

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