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Screensavers-still or again? New Info!
Posted On 11/13/2022 09:38:29 by Altara33606

In  today's Newsletter, Cloudeight  gave the link to download their Winter Screensaver! I just did and it works grat on my Windows 10 (special instructions come with it). More info in the Computer group.

Everyone knows we don't "need" screensavers now, with the better monitors/screens.  But I've always loved pretty screensavers--I even 'bought' a couple--my favorite was an Aquarium, which sadly no longer works. Two of my other favorite screensavers came from Cloudeight.  One was winter, with options for a light in the cabin window, an outside porch light on, falling snow, etc. The other was an Aquarium. It has the options for which fish and how many of each kind of fish you can have swimming around. 

I've always loved aquariums; at one point, I had a 20 gallon tank, with lots of fish!  But it eventually became impossible to keep--too much physical work to keep it clean, not to mention the cost of all the materials needed!  So not long ago, I decided to start using the Cloudeight aquarium screensaver again--I love 'hearing' the bubbles & watching the fish.  I now have that on my main laptop.  I've set the screen to stay on longer now, so that I can enjoy the aquarium screensaver.

  Then, I recently 'found' my folder of 'my' screensavers, made with one of my Print Shop programs. Yesterday, I tried using two of them on my other laptop. They still work! However, since 'officially' the title of all of those I made is the same (even though I 'named' them differently)--I can only have ONE 'on' the computer at a time. So to change to a different one, I have to move the others somewhere else--in my case, an SD card.  Yesterday, I first tried the summer one: I have 3 of those with pictures of my lilacs;  this one had Afternoon Delight as the music!

Then I switched to the winter one--which I'd put Phantom of the Opera as the music! 

   Anyway...now that I'm energetic...just maybe I'll get around to making a new screensaver! I noticed my Autumn/Fall one didn't have the correct photos for this season. But I have a hunch I'll soon switch over to the Cloudeight Winter one with snow falling! 


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12/15/2022 18:34:32

My girlfriend and I would spend lots of time on the phone looking for screensavers and changed the regulary with the different seasons.  We would compare the different ones we found and figure out if we wanted the same thing or different.  I haven't used screen savers on my laptop and would't know where to look for them these days, as we had our favorite sites.    Nice to know they are still available. 

11/14/2022 10:28:39

Good blog. It's funny how some technology comes back around after being supplanted by other competing technologies. I also have come full circle on the "need" for screen savers. Back in the day, we used them because the inner coating of our monitors had a phosphorus layer that static images would burn into if kept static for several hours. Then, technology evolved to where that phosphorus coating disappeared from use and as you said, screen savers were left to languish in our digital attics out of a sentimentality to keep cherished things.

Now that my own personal electronics have evolved into the new OLED displays--- where the possibility of image burn-in has again reared it's ugly head--- I am glad that I, like you, stored those screen savers of yesteryear.

I have OLED display tech in my smartphone, tablet, big screen TV, PC monitor and my laptop that all require screen savers. Image burn-in isn't as much of a risk, but I do tend to lapse into cat-naps while the TV is on, (which has no sleep setting). and the premium cost of OLED tech on retirement income, makes me err on the side of caution.

11/13/2022 13:42:49

I haven't used a screensaver in a long time.

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