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Senior moments
Posted On 12/22/2022 13:26:05 by Altara33606

I'm sure I'm not the only one having senior moments!  But just a sample:  A few days ago I asked my husband to take the Kodak camera (a good one) outside to take pictures of our lights.  He did, and got some good pictures. 

 However, when I uploaded the pictures to the computer, I noticed it said the battery needed to be charged. So I immediately went to look for the battery charger. It's nowhere to be found! I 'thought' it was on the dining room hutch. Nope. Not there. 

So I started looking: in both file cabinets in this room, the 2 drawer nightside thing where I keep things like extra USB cords, SD cards & flash drives. No--not there either.   I even looked in my 'boxes' of stuff; yeah, I have several 'boxes' where I store things--keep them near my desk.  Nope. Not there either.   Yeah--I even looked in my walk-in closet where I store some things.  I'm out of places to look--and still haven't found that. 

Plus...I also can't find the 'control device' for the NIX digital picture frame.  I had put that away (in this nearby file cabinet) a few months ago; but I decided to put some nice Christmas pictures on it & use it again. Yes, I do have the digital frame--but no control device. So that can't be used. (Yeah--it 'should' have been in that file cabinet with the frame--but it isn't!)

Yes, another senior moment. Where did I put it? Where did I put the camera charger?    My husband laughs at how much stuff I "lose". Usually, I know where everything is--or I can eventually find it. But not this time.  I'm totally frustrated!


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12/23/2022 04:57:24

I hear ya! It's frustrating when what you want isn't where you thought you put it.

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