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Dairy Queen
Posted On 07/25/2023 12:02:31 by Altara33606

I just got an 'ad' email from Dairy Queen, so that's on my mind right now.  I absolutely love 'soft' Dairy Queen ice cream!  (My husband prefers HARD ice cream, lol--but he'll sure eat DQ!) 

Of course, it's kind of expensive to do 'constntly'. So we don't go there often.  We especialy love the Blizzards: Choc Chip for my husband and usually Choc/Cherry for me.  We normally get the 'large'--and it will last us 3-4 days.   I did once try their special that had Caramel chunks-very good!  

Of their current Specials, I might try that S'mores Blizzard or the Choco-dipped Strawberry. But...the 'Cotton Candy' one sounds a bit too rich for my taste!  I did try the Royal New York Cheesecake once--very good!

  And as I mentioned in my poll just now : I've had and enjoyed their Banana Splits. But it's just not 'me' now. 

 And...as I said, DQ is a bit expensive, so we usually just get ice cream at the grocry.  Today, I got Black Raspberry Choc Chip--a diet splurge for my upcoming birthday, lol.   My husband chose: Mint Choc Chip. And surprise: his 'Breyers' was less expensive than my store brand! Oh, well..I got MY fav flavor! Now...if I can just 'ration' it, I'll be fine.  


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07/30/2023 08:39:32

I love the DQ. My husbands favorite as of late is the Smores...Mine is a mini heath bar blizzard...just enough and is sooo good.

07/26/2023 14:15:25

I will miss the DQ in New Smyrna Beach, because on Friday's you could get a large Blizzard for the price of a small, my favorite is the Butterfinger one...hadn't had a Blizzard since arriving back in Texas...gotta stay away from high fat stuff anyway...LOL

07/25/2023 20:28:01

Ours closed here late last year..but, we have a Culvers now. Haven't been yet. They have a very similar item to a blizzard, but under a different name..Frozen custard is their go to ice cream. Haven't tried it, but want to soon. On my cheat day next month, I'll go and try the chocolate frozen treat..with a topping of choice. On keto, going strong for 2 years.

07/25/2023 13:55:14

Dairy Queen is always a treat. What I like better is a local palce open in the Summer months and is so good.

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