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Phone call, text or email?
Posted On 08/27/2023 14:20:08 by Altara33606

I haven't answered this poll yet, because it's complex! So here is my 'answer'.

I definitely prefer a phone call from family and friends.  But a text is good for a 'short' conversation. My kids--now in their 50's!--often text, via Facebook when they don't have a lot of time.  I absolutely hate texting by cell phone!  So..if possible, I use FB's chat (Instant Messenger) to 'text' my kids.  I can 'type' quite well using my keyboard. Not so much on a tiny cell phone keyboard. 

As for 'not friends'--I prefer them to 'call' and leave an answer on the machine! That way, I can decide if I even want to listen,   .  

As for pen pals or friends I 'write' to--I prefer email. Snail mail only if the person doesn't have a computer! So you can see my dilemma.    "ALL" is my answer--depending on 'who' I am communicating with. 


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09/21/2023 08:22:49

I preferred a Call than texting to my clients , especially if there is an emergency cases to decide immediately.  By calling I got their answer right away. 

I used instant messenger   to my family and closed friends , the best way to send messages if they are online. Sending an emails is to wait for a long time for responds. 

Have a nice day and take care.

08/28/2023 14:07:36

I used to hate texing with a passion but now with a larger phone it's not so bad but definitely not a favorite. I dislike using a phone for many reasons but for tthe life of me I can't figure why people would text. To me, it seems more effort.  Email is my thing.  Snaail mail is good if you don't mind waiting 5 years for me to answer. 😁 

08/28/2023 04:50:27

I get it. I prefer a phone call too but doesn't happen as much as I like. Mostly I hear through text with family and friends. I do use email a lot for messages as well. It's quite complex these days to communicate.

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