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My 'gender reveal' Poll
Posted On 10/09/2023 16:51:43 by Altara33606

I was just advised that many may not realize what I was talking about! Apparently, some people have 'other ideas' on what this might mean.   I simply meant the new practice of making a big deal out of telling friends/family whether it's going to be a boy or girl. The subject came up recently, when a relative mentioned they are expecting a baby. And my daughter and I agreed that we hope there's no big 'reveal'!

We prefer the old-fashioned way of just 'telling people'  if the parents 'know' in advance. Back 'in the day' we didn't find out before birth if it was a boy or girl--and that was fine with me.  We just TOLD our family when we were expecting--no big 'party'.  

And what I think is ridiculous, according to what I've been reading online--the mother-to-be actually doesn't even "know" beforehand! She apparently chooses someone close to her to arrange the party & be informed whether it's a boy or girl--then at the big 'reveal', the parents learn along with their guests! I've seen some articles online where one of the parents was extremely disappointed at the reveal--one good reason to keep it private, in my opinion. Not to mention, one article told about a sister-in-law (who was the planner) who told her mother--who then told "everyone" (all her social media!) what the baby's gender was, before the mother even knew!  

 I'm not saying they shouldn't "know" the gender, if they want; I just don't think it's necessary to plan some big party & go 'wild'--like some of the things I've read about recently.    


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12/09/2023 18:45:06

I agree too. Social media has a lot to do with it, but I hope we return to some normalcy one day..

10/17/2023 10:42:41

I so agree! If parents want to know the gender then fine but the over the top measures they take to announce the gender is crazy. Recently there was such an event where a plane was used to release pink smoke during the reveal.   Immediately afterwards the pilot crashed the plane and died.  I've seen it done more tastefully, my neice bought cupcakes for all her co-workers and when the inside color of the cupcakes revealed the gender.  Overall I guess it's a personal decision but I'm still for the old fashioned way of telling people if you choose to.

10/10/2023 11:34:45

I read 'somewhere' that this fad started in the early 2000s. And somewhere 'else' that it's a fast-fading fad. 😬

10/10/2023 04:51:00

Good point. Crazy to have a big party for a "reveal". The old fashioned way is best. Social media has taken people overboard with traditional happenings.

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