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Reflections of Halloween days gone by~
Posted On 10/31/2023 11:44:24 by momtocam

Back in the dark ages when my twin sister and I embraced the Halloween season, there was anticipation in the air. This one day event consisted of seeing who could come back home with the biggest candy haul. Remember grocery store paper bags? No, not plastic bags, the big crisp brown bags. They worked just fine for our night of spooks, as we tried to out do everyone else with our homemade costumes.

Unlike today, this boo-tiful holiday event seemingly begins earlier each and every year. I’m pretty sure I saw Halloween costumes and the like on store shelves in early September. Lest we forget the vast array of candy and other sugary treats, that in due time, will keep the dentists busy through next Spring. Of course, there would be a few houses that did not hand out candy. Remember those popcorn balls? Also, I can’t forget the other disappointment in reaching into my bag…only to find an apple or two.

Halloween was a night of walking everywhere until dark. The neighborhood I grew up in was fairly large, and everyone knew everyone. We even visited several homes more than once, as did all of our friends. My favorite costume was easy to conjure up. Just find a long black dress, or simply make one out of fabric..which was never hard to do…because my Mom was a seamstress. Then it was always easy to find someone that had a witch’s hat in some shape or form. Those were the days.

Halloween memories are indeed cherished memories. Life was simple back then. The only decorations we had were carved pumpkins. We would always place two of them on each side of our front porch. No need for loud music or glaring bright lights. If we saw a porch light on, then that was our invitation to knock on the door.

The fun carried over to the next school day, because our friends would be showing off their stash of candy and gum. By the time our lunch bell rang, no one was hungry because most of the Halloween goodies would be gone by then.

I feel so blessed to have had a Norman Rockwell childhood. The memories are as vivid now as they were back then. Where has the time gone?

It’s been many years since my current neighborhood has seen trick or treaters. Though, I always try to have a bag or two of candy on hand…just in case someone shows up. For now. I’ll enjoy reminiscing about days gone by growing up in the 60’s and 70’s.

Wishing you a spook-tacular Halloween.


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11/07/2023 08:51:58

This sounds very similar to my childhood Halloween, Lisa.  I remember how cold it would be, we would have to wear coats over our costumes to keep warm. It's almost never that cold now.  I enjoy the little ghosts and goblins but these days they are more likely dressed as video game or Disney characters. One year when my son was 3 we had no costume for him so he wore his cowboy boots and hat, I tied a bandana around his neck and used mascara to make him some whiskers. We called him Festus after the Gunsmoke deputy. lol. 

Thanks for sharing a little piece of your childhood with us, Lisa.

11/06/2023 14:24:22

We too, used those brown grocery sacks for our bag of treats. What fun it was then.  Nowadays we have fewer kisa every year but with so many dangers, how thankful and blessedd I was to grow up in the 50's and 60's

10/31/2023 12:14:21

Just like my childhood on Halloween. Ah the good old days.

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