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Wedding cake traditions?
Posted On 02/06/2024 10:42:04 by Altara33606

In getting ready to 'downsize', I've been going through our photo albums as well as a 'box' of pictures--which were mostly copies. I just finished choosing our best wedding pictures and uploaded them to 'save' digitally. As far as I knew, the only 'cake traditions' were the bride and groom feeding cake to each other--and possibly saving (freezing) a piece of the cake to eat on the first anniversary.

That reminded me that I'd recently seen a lot of stories on Facebook about grooms 'smashing' the bride's face into the cake. When did 'wedding couples feeding each other cake' turn to 'smashing' the bride's face into cake??? I would have walked out...and dumped the groom!!! That has to be the most idiotic, disgusting, disrespectful thing I've ever heard of! Thank heavens, we're "old-fashioned"!


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02/21/2024 12:43:44

I was not impressed when my bride quickly put down her small piece of wedding cake and shoved a larger piece into my mouth and then smeared my face with it. She told me later that her best friend Linda, who helpfully cut the larger piece of cake and handed it to my bride, told her it was a tradition to do this.

Could explain why we are now divorced...

As far as a "new' trend, I'm not so sure. My cake smash experience happened in 1977.

02/15/2024 06:21:28

I don't think that it is being old-fashioned to not want to smash the bride's face with cake. I think that not smashing the cake and the bride's face is simply honoring respecting and loving her.

02/07/2024 10:47:03

It is not good. Especially when the bride went through the troubling of shopping for her perfect bridal outfits, getting her hair and make up done, etc.  It should be vice versa?

02/07/2024 08:09:21

Sometines I wonder how some of the traditions even started...Good thing for google :-) Things sure have changed...some for the good and some for the bad.. The thing about smashing cake in each others faces is stupid. People today do stupid things for attention and they seem to get it..just sad!!

02/06/2024 13:35:36

I agree. Also, made sure the"obey" was taken out of the vows. Mutual respect needs to bw there from the beginng.  

02/06/2024 13:24:22

I don't know when this new thing of smashing the cake in the bride's face came to be but it sure is ridiculous.

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