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Finally Fast is a Scam
Posted On 10/03/2008 11:45:05 by Thundercloud

A Warning to All Windows Users
Windows all versions

Awhile back, we wrote about the scam known as "Finally Fast". At that time, Finally Fast was advertising on early morning (2AM-5AM) cable networks - a time when advertising is cheap because not many are watching. Lately though, Finally Fast has been running its advertisements in prime time on cable networks like CNN and MSNBC, and others. Many of you have probably seen their ads by now since they are being shown over and over again in time slots when many people normally would be watching.

This is case where this company (Ascentive) has made enough money by misleading people that they can now afford to advertise in prime time and make even more money. There is no difference between what Ascentive (Finally Fast) is doing and what these "sit in your house and make millions on the Internet" scams are doing. Everyone of us who uses a computer wish we could install a software program and make our computers incredibly fast. Everyone of us who is overweight wishes we could eat all we want and still lose weight. Everyone of us who is struggling to pay the bills wish we could buy a book or CD for $29.95 and learn how to make millions overnight. The little common sense voice in all of us yells - NO NO NO! But, still, some of us think it's worth $29.95 to give it a go.

Well, Ascentive thinks enough people will pay $29.95 and take a chance that it works - and then pay them $29.95 next year and the following year and the following year -with their subscription "service".

Folks, Finally Fast is a scam. You'll see in their commercial where they've been featured in Newsweek, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and other newspapers and TV shows. But, we'll tell you what, we don't know who or how much they paid, or what software they let these people try, but Finally Fast is a scam that many say installs spyware and/or adware on your computer - and won't make your computer faster at all.

With the economy crumbling, the last thing you need to do is throw away $29.95 or more. The real proof of what Finally Fast does or doesn't do is what folks who have actually fallen for this scam have to save. Google "Finally Fast + Scam" and learn the truth before you fall for this scam and throw your money away.

Here are a two comments you can read, there are many others you can read by googling "Ascentive" and "finally fast" .

David R says: "I'm sure most of you have seen the commercial on TV about a slow running PC. They call themselves finally fast . com. DON'T go there and download this crap. It's at best spyware. If you do download their test, good luck getting it off your computer. It took me 30 or more minutes to get it off mine. They run a scan and tell you all the stuff wrong with your computer and offer to fix it for an annual fee. DON'T do it, it has nothing in it you can't fix yourself. It's a scam, and they want to put their tentacles into your computer." See source.

Jeff says: "Actually, I see this program advertised on TV called Finally Fast that claims to speed up your PC and Internet, and it is for PC computers only, yet, most of the computers they show are Macs, and one was even playing a game on a laptop using a ps2 controller... the ad was fake, I am sure people downloaded it and got scammed out of their money and were denied refunds.

I decided to actually call up Finally Fast, three separate times, talking to three different people, asking them a bunch of questions about their program and what it can do, and recorded all three.

What you will hear is astonishing.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWF_U6fmmMs - Call #1: I speak to a guy named Matt who works in Sales and doesn't know the advertisements they do.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NapxF5SNiM0 - Call #2: Tom tells me how the internet can be increased by 375%. So this means I could download at 20kb a second on dial-up. Sounds awesome, right?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQBsi-UT7zA - Call #3: My final call and I talk to Katie. She tells me how kilobytes are injected into my internet connection from a CD-rom you download to make it go faster. Oh, and Spybot S&D, Spysweeper, and ZoneAlarm are viruses.

I still see this program advertised on TV and I am just waiting for Ascentive to get nailed by the FTC too."
See source.

Additionally, both McAfee's Site Advisor and Web Of Trust (WOT) warn users about FinallyFast.com.

See details from McAfee's Site Advisor's Web site.

See details from Web Of Trust's Web Site.

Watch the commercial by visiting this URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3YRBzz_4Hg .

FinallyFast is a scam. Let common sense guide you on the Web as you do in your everyday life. No one program is going to magically transform your computer from a slow, frustrating mess, into a fast, sleek, computing machine. Everyone likes to believe in magic, but if you trust FinallyFast to cure what ails your computer, the only thing you'll be doing is making your computer worse and throwing your money away.

Stay away from FinallyFast and anything made by Ascentive.

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10/04/2008 00:03:31

Thanks for the warning.   I sure wouldn't down load anything like that.


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